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Tonle Sap
The Global Reporting Initiative has revised its standards and for the first time now asks companies to measure and disclose human rights issues in a bid to clean-up supply chains and ensure decent working conditions.
Hurricane Dorian hit the Abaco Islands in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas
International funding for vulnerable countries to adapt to climate change is falling short of needs by tens of billions of dollars each year, as harmful impacts strengthen fast.
Children gather by the seawall as strong waves brought by Typhoon Kammuri
Funding climate-vulnerable countries is likely to dominate COP26 in November. Eco-Business explores how poor countries access funds amid rich contributors falling short of their pledges.
A farmer spreads fertiliser in Pangkep, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
The value of subsidies that harm biodiversity is estimated to be five to six times higher than finance for preserving biodiversity.
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marine litter in latvia
An effective international agreement on ocean plastic pollution should account for all aspects of plastics production – from manufacturing to disposal, and it must involve governments, the private sector, and the public.
While fossil fuels were powering wealthy nations’ economic growth in the 19th and 20th centuries, many countries across the Global South remained largely impoverished.
GGGI in Vanuatu
Poor people have many competing priorities, but the claim that 'hungry people don't care about the environment' should not be used to ignore the environment and climate action in international development cooperation.
covid testing in vietnam
The Covid-19 pandemic offers developing countries the chance to reinvent and reboot their economies, and shake off the disabling legacy of foreign aid dependency.

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Risky reserves

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fossil fuel warning on greenwash ads
In the video, environmental law group ClientEarth compares the oil and gas giant's advertisements on its low-carbon investments to a burger chain claiming that they’re vegan because they’ve got salad on the menu.
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