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The Third Pole looks at the manifestoes of Pakistan’s main political parties in the run up to national elections to see what they promise on green growth, renewables, climate adaptation and mitigation.
To access the new loss and damage fund set up at COP28, poorer countries need support to collect better data on climate disasters.
The international isolation of the Taliban has meant that Afghanistan – a country deeply impacted by climate change – is being shut out of all international solutions.
COP28 polluters pay 2
Countries in the region join larger negotiating blocs in global climate negotiations, but face unique challenges in shedding fossil fuels and facing climate risks.
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In today’s fragmented world, the Loss and Damage Fund could easily be derailed. But it is in our common interest to assist the most climate-vulnerable countries with recovery and reconstruction.
Wealthy nations’ overconsumption is destroying nature, but is often not accounted for by ‘loss and damage’.
An exit from coal, oil and gas must happen equitably, or it will not happen at all.
Saudi Arabia or the UAE speaking on historical emissions and debt distress in climate-vulnerable nations is a bit rich. But unlike advanced economies, such countries lend rhetorical heft to developing country calls for climate compensation.
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IP Tebtebba
In celebration of Indigenous Peoples' month in the Philippines, the former United Nations special rapporteur tells the Eco-Business Podcast about her lifelong work to empower communities in Asia’s most dangerous country for environmental defenders.
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