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The global energy landscape is being reshaped as Europe looks for new supplies and Russia pivots to Asia.
Tropical storm Megi
Filipinos will troop to the polling booths in less than a month to elect a new leader. Whoever takes to the helm will have to walk a tightrope balancing environmental issues, an ailing economy and mass unemployment.
The region’s bloated pipeline of gas projects could lock in decades of high emissions, but recent price volatility may soon force a rethink.
LNG tanker ship
The Ukraine conflict will test the resilience of economies transitioning away from fossil fuels. Asia is likely to feel the sharp end of the scrum for coal and gas as Europe shuns Russian supply.
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tanker transporting oil from Russia to Poland
As world leaders gather in Stockholm this week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the UN Conference on the Human Environment, their efforts to address climate threats will mean little as long as the fossil-fuel economy remains intact.
Anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine is intensifying the economic, social, and geopolitical pressures countries face, casting a shadow on efforts to address the shared challenge of climate change.
Drilling for oil. Over two-thirds of public finance for new fossil fuels production is to come from China, Japan, Canada, and South Korea. This included US$12 billion per year for the exploration and extraction of new fossil fuel reserves. Image: Flickr/Sasin Tipchai
We've just celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Paris Climate Agreement. If governments want to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, they must address a fundamental issue: plans to expand oil and gas extraction.
Photo of the Neuquen basin in Argentina
The South American country wants to expand the role of natural gas in the economy in "supporting transitions towards lower-emission energy systems"—but has ignored the environmental impacts of fracking.
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