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SMC LNG Batangas.
Sold-out long-term liquified natural gas contracts and project delays may force a rethink for the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand to rely on previously-forecasted LNG growth, according to a report by global think tank IEEFA.
LNG pipeline
As investors face pressure to green their portfolios, gas infrastructure that is unable to adapt to clean energy needs could fall out of favour.
In a year when misinformation ran amok, “bad” news was vilified, and climate wins were few and far between, here are the stories that Eco-Business readers found most interesting.
Filipino seafarer
The region supplies the most number of seafarers in the world, and support for training of these port workers is on the horizon as delegates at a global maritime conference this week negotiate for stricter green shipping targets.
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marcos and xi jinping
Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos, Jr began his administration by vowing to prioritise clean energy and curbing climate disasters. Eco-Business scrutinises these pledges and asks what he must address to stay true to them.
Africa must have 'loss and damage' finance from wealthy countries at COP27, but the continent also has the resources and opportunities to be a climate action leader.
At COP27, wealthy governments are pushing for stronger efforts to limit global warming—while failing to deliver the finance and technology promised for climate action in poorer countries.
LNG terminal batangas
High imported fuel prices and limited global supplies make liquified natural gas projects increasingly uncompetitive.
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