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World leaders gathered in Paris last week to pledge to make 2024 the “pivotal year” for improving access to clean cooking.
Shell has abandoned a key climate target for 2035 and weakened another goal for 2030, according to its latest “energy transition strategy”.
LNG ship Japan
The country’s largest utilities could have 11 million more tonnes of liquefied natural gas per year than needed by 2030. The resultant gas exports could create overcapacity and fry climate targets in emerging Asian markets, analysts say.
In a surprise move, US president Joe Biden has announced a “temporary pause” on liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal expansion.
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Burgos solar and wind farm
House Bill 7705, the low carbon economy bill, could help the climate-vulnerable nation seize the economic opportunities that come with decarbonisation.
The United States' decision to pause permits for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities does not threaten Asia’s energy security or decarbonisation goals.
Superpower rivalry at APEC with China and the US vying for influence in the Pacific expected to put extra pressure on the alliance.
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