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About 195 countries were set to finalise an accord to safeguard plants, animals and ecosystems at the UN talks, known as COP15, which had been due to start late last month in the Chinese city of Kunming.
New state initiative looks to improve access to medical care, particularly for communities impacted by years of mining.
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Mammals forced to move to cooler climes amid global warming are “already” spreading their viruses further – with “undoubtable” impacts for human health, a new study says.
Water shortages in the Himalayan state are disrupting healthcare, with hospitals unable to ensure basic hygiene practices. As the climate changes and the water table is disrupted, a water crisis could trigger a healthcare crisis.
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Healthcare workers are trained to address medical issues, but often are less equipped to deal with the emotional challenges faced by people with serious illnesses. Learning how to incorporate quality of life concerns into medical care is essential.
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Lipstick and Covid-19

The pandemic has highlighted the need to ensure that everyone understands that gender equality is a public good, one that will help to usher in the healthier societies we seek.
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Help India now

The international community must join forces and develop a collective approach to help India address its Covid-19 crisis, not only for moral reasons, but also because the health of other countries’ populations and economies are at stake.
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Covid-19 will persist much longer than anticipated. If countries do not take action soon to ensure the continuity of essential health services during the pandemic, the future death toll from other diseases will be unacceptably high.

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Meat is mayhem

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Air pollution in Beijing
Has Covid-19 really improved air quality? Eco-Business spoke to air pollution epidemiologist Dr Vivian Pun about the real air quality story behind the pandemic, and what the virus is telling us about tackling the world's most underrated environmental issue.
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