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India says a Just Energy Transition Plan for the country focused on phasing out coal would be unrealistic—and unjust.
Sembcorp energy storage
EB Studio More corporates are responding to climate change by pledging to use clean energy. Rather than just annually matching their emissions with clean energy, some companies are taking a more proactive approach by sourcing clean energy to match the amount of energy they use on an hourly basis. The key to this strategy is providing verifiable and transparent proof of the renewable energy generated at source.
Reaching net zero and protecting nature and the environment require major shifts at the UN COP27 climate summit and beyond.
African governments have stated publicly that they need to use more gas—a less-dirty fossil fuel—to develop their economies but climate campaigners say it won't help the poorest.
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Workers harvest paddy from a flooded field in Bangladesh
As climate change hits farmers and those who depend on them, creating a smarter food system is now critical.
As the sole Asian member of the G7, Japan’s leadership is an opportunity to provide pivotal direction for the supply of climate finance and access to future-proof technology to support the transition efforts that are underway in the region.
A man carries a sign asking world leaders to stop fossil fuels, COP26
The financial sector’s annual general meeting (AGM) season has started. Shareholders should use AGMs as a platform to demand robust climate policies and decarbonisation strategies from banks and financial institutions.
transportation of LNG via ship
LNG importers and ESG investors should beware of evolving cost and climate claims
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global calculator
A new web platform called the Global Calculator allows individuals and organisations to check on the impact of one's lifestyle on the climate and what one can do to ensure the earth does not heat up beyond 2°C.
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