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Hundreds of millions of people are projected to remain without electricity by 2030 as concerns grow over the prospect of meeting Sustainable Development Goal 7 on access to green and affordable energy.
India is backing more hydroelectric plants to meet clean energy goals, but locals and environmentalists say projects are destroying communities and forests in the Himalayas.
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Energy from the wind and sun produced more than a tenth of global electricity for the first time last year, found a report by think tank Ember. But coal power rose in China, India, and the Philippines.
Data tracking by the energy watchdog shows that actual emissions of the supercharged greenhouse gas are 70 per cent higher than official figures.
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As the sole Asian member of the G7, Japan’s leadership is an opportunity to provide pivotal direction for the supply of climate finance and access to future-proof technology to support the transition efforts that are underway in the region.
A man carries a sign asking world leaders to stop fossil fuels, COP26
The financial sector’s annual general meeting (AGM) season has started. Shareholders should use AGMs as a platform to demand robust climate policies and decarbonisation strategies from banks and financial institutions.
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LNG importers and ESG investors should beware of evolving cost and climate claims
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By imposing stricter capital requirements on fossil-fuel lending, governments and banking regulators can redirect a huge flow of funds to climate-friendly projects. To those who claim cost is a concern, the question is: “Compared to what?”

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A new web platform called the Global Calculator allows individuals and organisations to check on the impact of one's lifestyle on the climate and what one can do to ensure the earth does not heat up beyond 2°C.
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