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China accounted for 95 per cent of the world’s new coal power construction activity in 2023, according to the latest annual report from Global Energy Monitor (GEM).
Burning all the oil and gas from new discoveries and newly approved projects since 2021 would emit at least 14.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (GtCO2), according to Carbon Brief analysis of Global Energy Monitor (GEM) data.
Shell has abandoned a key climate target for 2035 and weakened another goal for 2030, according to its latest “energy transition strategy”.
Why China’s clean energy projects, and efforts to green its heavy industry, matter for climate change.
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Activists calling for climate finance COP27
Climate finance conversations and summits must go beyond just allocating cash and be backed up with viable projects to invest in.
Huawei solar panels with sheep
A new global platform harnessing AI and machine-learning could quickly identify renewables infrastructure projects worth US$2 trillion.
The materials, innovation, and capital needed to reach net-zero emissions are not equally distributed and, as a result, must be shared around the world.
Workers harvest paddy from a flooded field in Bangladesh
As climate change hits farmers and those who depend on them, creating a smarter food system is now critical.
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global calculator
A new web platform called the Global Calculator allows individuals and organisations to check on the impact of one's lifestyle on the climate and what one can do to ensure the earth does not heat up beyond 2°C.
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