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Vietnam's climate finance deal with G7 will cut dependency on coal as it seeks to go carbon neutral in a 'just' energy transition.
In a year when misinformation ran amok, “bad” news was vilified, and climate wins were few and far between, here are the stories that Eco-Business readers found most interesting.
As governments start to plan how their economies will look without fossil fuels, will labour rights be respected?
Vincent de Paz
De Paz leaves China Bank to take up the new role at the American financial services company. At MSCI, he will develop solutions and projects for the growth of the growth of ESG and climate business.
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Surabaya has increased the focus on city greening
The Indonesian city of Surabaya put in public parks where others put in buildings. It is now reaping the creative, economic and cooling benefits.
Covid-19 rapid testing in Hanoi, Viet Nam
The world's imperfect responses to climate change, biodiversity loss, the Covid-19 pandemic, rising energy and food costs, and war reveal international systems in dire need of redesign.
COP26 banner
What's missing from the post-pandemic rebuilding efforts is a major meeting of world and business leaders. G20 and the United Nations should step up to the task. Green hydrogen, jobs and help for the vulnerable should be key focus areas.
climate march walk away from fossil fuels
The economics discipline has failed to understand the climate crisis – let alone provide effective policy solutions for it. Change is underway, but it cannot come fast enough.
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Green School students visit a school in Bali, Indonesia
Most schools only teach the science of climate change. Green School gives the skills needed to live in a warming world. Eco-Business asked Green School's Leslie Medema how to be real with children about climate change without scaring them.
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