Get to know the Society of Sustainability Practitioners and their upcoming virtual sustainability career fair

Get to know the Society of Sustainability Practitioners and their upcoming virtual sustainability career fair

The Society of Sustainability Practitioners (SSP) and Sustainable PH have teamed up with local career development firm Metamorphosis Group to create the Philippines’ first ever Virtual Sustainability Career Fair called the Virtual Career Academy (VCA) Summit 2022!

The VCA Summit is a 5-day annual event meant to invite employers and job seekers to come together and share mutually-beneficial opportunities in the sustainability practice. The event offers activities such as industry career talks to engage audiences, employer-hosted workshops, and panel discussions to help employers and job seekers get to know each other better, free resume and interview coaching opportunities for job seekers to prepare for their job applications, and a raffle to end each day of the week with a bang!

But you can’t learn about the Philippines’ first Virtual Sustainability Career Fair without getting to know more about the Society of Sustainability Practitioners!

The Society of Sustainability Practitioners or SSP is the country’s first association for sustainability practitioners. It was founded with the vision of bringing together and enabling today’s sustainability practitioners into better advancing the sustainability practices of their communities and/or organisations. Today, SSP has grown to house 250 professionals from various corporations, NGOs, social enterprises, and advocacies. It has become a community where practitioners can connect with, learn from, and collaborate with one another while also contributing to sustainability projects inside and outside their organisations.

SSP remains committed to continuously growing its membership base and in creating avenues by which members could increasingly enact sustainable change in their communities and organisations. Over the past years, SSP has launched Expert Panels covering topics from Value Reporting to Waste Management Certification. It has likewise hosted town halls on the country’s Nationally Determined Contributions, community kumustahans for practitioners, and co-presented forums on food sustainability and circularity. For the coming year, SSP has expanded its practitioner development programme through Sustainable PH’s Learn2Lead programme. New classes, courses, and modules on sustainability and sustainability leadership are available for practitioners to use and learn from

Beyond connecting and equipping today’s sustainability practitioners, SSP likewise hosts a wide array of public flagship projects from upcoming public advisory services to UNPLUGGED Tree Planting projects.

As for the Virtual Sustainability Career Fair, the organisations’ leaders say that the participants’ and employers’ experience is going to be meaningful and impactful for everyone! The same activities will be expected from the first VCA Summit, but a much more meaningful and wider impact is promised.

“We’ve already reached out to multiple schools and industry sectors across the Philippines.” explains Danica Octa, President and CEO of Metamorphosis Group, “We want employers to get access to these talents that they wouldn’t normally know how to reach, and these talents want to be in an event where they can easily speak to employers so they can position themselves as really great candidates. Believe me, this is an event that is worth the investment! And to think that this is going to promote sustainability in the Philippine job market! This is truly a great advocacy.”

“The need for a more sustainable world today cannot be understated,” explains Shawntel Nieto, President of the Society of Sustainability Practitioners or SSP. “With this comes the desire people have to build careers centered on what they believe in alongside the need for companies to become more sustainable - in practice, vision, and values. We believe we have a multitude of both in the Philippines and we are so excited to bridge the two through our upcoming career fair.”

Employers might ask, why join the VCA Summit?

  • To EDUCATE! Share industry knowledge and secrets that the talent market needs to hear. Be known as an organisation that educates.
  • To INSPIRE! Give hope to the talent market by showing them the many opportunities they can get into whether in your organisation or the next. Be known as an organisation that inspires.
  • To ENGAGE! Build relationships with the talent market and show them that they can trust you and that they can collaborate with you in one way or another. Be known as an organisation that engages.

The Virtual Career Academy Summit 2022 will be running from March 21-25, 2022. Interested employers can visit the website with more details at or inquire at

In the meantime, catch Sustainability UNPLUGGED: SSP, SPH, and SPH Youth’s annual flagship event this December 4, 2021. UNPLUGGED reinvents how the sustainability community comes together to tackle today’s biggest sustainability challenges by putting the participants at the forefront of the conversation. This year’s event will feature sessions on the role of governance, social business, and the practitioners themself in advancing sustainability in the country while highlighting today’s Sustainability Leaders through the annual UNPLUGGED Sustainability Leadership Awards.

This event is also in partnership with Sustainarumble, Global Shapers, and more!

Registrations are open:

You can nominate a Sustainability Leader through:

Find out more about SSP through its site:

Ecobusiness is an official media partner of the Virtual Career Academy Summit 2022.

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