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Ria O'Hehir Australia Smart Energy Council
The clean energy industry group said that O’Hehir's appointment will strengthen the board as it gears up for lobbying ahead of Australia's 2022 federal elections.
Myanmar’s environmental record was weak but improving. Then came the coup
The February military coup in Myanmar has cast doubt on the future of environmental protection efforts in the Southeast Asian country.
Australian brands are doing what their government isn’t: addressing climate anxieties
A new study finds that Australian consumers are reshaping demand with their concern for environmental issues. How should brands respond?
France eagerly awaits more detailed climate plan from China
The two countries have been solid partners throughout the Trump era and France is now watching China’s investments closely, both at home and abroad.
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Mongabay Founder Rhett A. Butler: 11 things to watch in 2021
2020 was a rough year for tropical rainforest conservation efforts. So what’s in store for 2021? Mongabay Founder Rhett A. Butler reviews 11 key things to watch in the world of rainforests in 2021.
typhoon goni philippines
On the United States' election day, 14-year-old Marshall Cedric Tuazon of typhoon-hit Philippines hopes Americans will spare a thought for him and millions of others at growing risk from extreme weather and rising seas.
science fiction
In an age of fast evolving political landscapes and the climate catastrophe, science fiction shows that tell stories of the near future, like Netflix's Black Mirror, offers valuable lessons for the present, writes media arts expert Aaron Burton.
amazon on fire
Don't blame climate change for the 39,000 forest fires now incinerating huge tracts of the Brazilian Amazon. This environmental catastrophe is human-made and highly political, writes Catesby Holmes.
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Ahead of Indonesia’s presidential election on April 17, an online movie was recently published showing the links between Indonesian coal and energy companies and the country’s political elites.
Achim Steiner talking at the Responsible Business Forum in Singapore. Image UNDP Asia Pacific
The IPCC's climate warning is an opportunity for the business world to show leadership, said UNDP's Achim Steiner in the opening speech at the Responsible Business Forum in Singapore.
parliamenthouse australia
Far too many Australian politicians receive financial support from, and give subsidies to, the fossil fuel industry, say climate campaigners. A new initiative by 350.org Australia calls for pollution-free politics in the country.
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