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A flooded village
Only about 0.2 per cent of available capital is going into the adaptation economy in the region. Underinvestment in climate-vulnerable countries could lead to a cost of US$377 billion in damage and lost growth by 2030, a new study finds.
Global Shield Cover Picture
The world suffered more record-breaking floods, droughts, typhoons, and heatwaves that caused widespread human and economic destruction. Scientists said climate change was largely to blame.
Experts and commentators react to developments at COP27 and what lessons can be drawn from this year’s devastating floods.
Drought, falling river levels and seawater intrusion are eroding livelihoods on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, forcing many older residents to the city, where they face unique problems and a thin safety net.
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Turkish man holding the hand of daughter crushed under the rubble of the earthquake
With the looming climate catastrophe threatening to compound the effects of conflict and supply-chain disruptions, the international community must be more proactive in addressing humanitarian needs. By predicting risks and acting before events become emergencies, aid organisations can deliver assistance more effectively.
A car floats down a flood torrent in New South Wales, Australia
Risk experts in Australia want to help communities, but are stifled by funding and resource constraints, as well as institutional inertia. More money should be put into not only disaster response, but disaster preparation.
Men chopping up fallen logs
A weather-related disaster doesn’t need to be devastating. By addressing the vulnerability of a society, the worst of it can be avoided.
Longer-term planning is needed for life on a warmer planet. Most of today’s early warning and response systems do not account for the risks of a changing climate and must be improved.
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Watch: Singapore researchers are trying to give banana skins and coconut husks a new lease of life in water purification kits that can be used in disaster situations. They could one day also be used in the manufacture of batteries.
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