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Heavier rainfall and melting glaciers bring deadly floods from the north to the south, raising the need for protection.
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The biggest creditor to developing economies has been pressured to explore using such swaps to alleviate the debt burden of Asia Pacific nations, but is not prepared to write off debts without an internationally-agreed mechanism to navigate the complex negotiations.
Rising heat fuelled by climate change will hit women harder than men when it comes to their work, pay and health, report warns.
Climate impacts from rising heat to drought fuel record wildfires in Nepal – raising concerns over the country's fire strategies.
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Greater efforts to limit death and destruction from disasters will help us protect development progress and adapt to climate change.
Linking work on nature and climate goals to debt repayment could give indebted countries the space they need to build resilience.
Turkish man holding the hand of daughter crushed under the rubble of the earthquake
With the looming climate catastrophe threatening to compound the effects of conflict and supply-chain disruptions, the international community must be more proactive in addressing humanitarian needs. By predicting risks and acting before events become emergencies, aid organisations can deliver assistance more effectively.
A car floats down a flood torrent in New South Wales, Australia
Risk experts in Australia want to help communities, but are stifled by funding and resource constraints, as well as institutional inertia. More money should be put into not only disaster response, but disaster preparation.
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Watch: Singapore researchers are trying to give banana skins and coconut husks a new lease of life in water purification kits that can be used in disaster situations. They could one day also be used in the manufacture of batteries.
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