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A car floats down a flood torrent in New South Wales, Australia
Global insured losses from natural catastrophes in first half of 2022 have reached US$35 billion, 22 per cent above the average of past ten years. The flooding that hit Australia in February broke a new record for the country's insurance industry.
From migrants to trans people, many adults still don’t have the NADRA agency's CNIC card, excluding them from jobs and vital public services.
Land mismanagement lands communities near Malaysia's Gunung Inas in deep water. Floods near Baling claimed three lives and displaced thousands more on July 4, but many questions remain over what caused the disaster.
Dengue transmission is expected to intensify due to climate change as the amount of rainfall can predict mosquito prevalence within the month.
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Longer-term planning is needed for life on a warmer planet. Most of today’s early warning and response systems do not account for the risks of a changing climate and must be improved.
Malawi_northern region_construction
Investments in physical infrastructure such as highways and power lines have been lagging behind what is needed to meet development goals. To kickstart post-pandemic recovery, there is a need to invest in green infrastructure.
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