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central asia drought
As parts of the region experience the worst drought in 13 years, experts say Central Asian governments must urgently look at options to mitigate extreme weather events.
Mali farmers
Decades-long legal disputes over land in Africa could cost agri-business tens of millions of dollars, new research by the Overseas Development Institute says.
valley northeast china
Global warming, increasing aridity and rapidly expanding human population will lead to drylands covering half of the Earth’s land surface by the end of this century.
sahel crops
A surprise effect of greenhouse gases is that changes in air temperature and wind patterns are increasing rainfall and crop yields in the drought-prone Sahel region.
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somalia drought
The relationship between a heating planet and violent clashes is complex — and critical, writes John Vidal.
A forest in Indonesia
Trees are good for the environment, but does corporate tree planting necessarily generate environmental benefits? The University of Lancaster's Benjamin Neimark examines.
The idyllic backwaters of Kerala, India
India's worst flood in recent times is a clear warning about the dangers of rampant and thoughtless human development, writes Azim Premji University's Harini Nagendra. How are communities overcoming mistakes made in development and preparing for a future of extreme weather?
A rural farmer in Yunnan, China
China is far from the poster child of sustainability, but it is impossible to ignore the progress it has made in tackling environmental catastrophes of the last century. What can the world's most populous nation teach everyone else about the SDGs?
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