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With climate change now China’s top environmental issue, organisations that once helped tackle smog need a new approach to be heard on climate governance.
As climate risks rise, the race is on to use better predictions from supercomputers and AI tools to keep people and assets safe.
China is helping dozens of nations to roll out digital surveillance systems which can be used to target protest and dissent.
EB Studio A stable supply of renewable energy is key to sustainable digitalisation efforts. Governments should remove regulatory hurdles, incentivise corporate renewable energy investment and support digital technologies to accelerate sustainability innovation, said experts at the AWS Sustainability Summit 2022.
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London smart city
Greater awareness of sustainability coupled with the need to adopt digital solutions during the pandemic has ensured that cities continue to become smarter by the day.
social media young people exploitation
Young people are increasingly connected by social media and other digital technology, with one in three people under the age of 18 with access to the Internet. This means more and more children are left vulnerable to sexual exploitation in an era where women are hyper-sexualised in popular culture.
hotel carbon footprint
If businesses want to thrive in this era of climate change and disruption, they need to be sustainable throughout their whole supply chain before they can claim to be doing good for the planet.
Amazon electric truck
The American retail giant announces its purchase of 100,000 electric trucks from US electric-vehicle startup Rivian as part of its effort to eliminate the carbon footprint of the company by 2030.
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Journey to net-zero Keppel video
EB Studio Our urban infrastructure is responsible for almost 40 per cent of global carbon emissions. Climate solutions need to include the biggest energy guzzlers, clean energy and retrofitting old buildings.
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