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They say experience shows that a clear position from its negotiators can be instrumental at the last stretch of the COP talks. The strong calls follow a release of the draft of the global stocktake text, which has dropped mentions of a phase-out.
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From the UN Plastics Treaty to Australia announcing a coal phase out plan, here's a look at the greatest environmental achievements of 2022.
Highlights from the 19th Conference of the Parties to CITES, the global wildlife trade agreement, include greater regulation of the shark fin trade and new protections for South Asian reptiles collected as pets.
In November, the world’s governments will convene in Panama for a major meeting on wildlife trade—our explainer unpacks the big points for South Asia ahead of CITES COP19.
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While we cannot predict the headlines for 2014, here's a look at a few key themes and issues that will mark the coming year
Community based adaptation in Bangladesh
The world is now looking at Bangladesh as a pioneer in tackling climate change and we can indeed …
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