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Ku Kok Peng, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd, Malaysia
Exclusive The group will soon announce commitments to decarbonise across the entire value chain, and improve its traceability and human rights policies, says Ku Kok Peng, who took up the CSO role in March last year.
A jungle rooster
A Singapore-headquartered media company is relocating its offices in India, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines to forested areas to embed its journalists in the ecosystems it reports on.
Over 3,300 startups are now working in the renewable energy sector in India and many of these startups are involved in the green fuel sector to reduce carbon emissions.
Carbon-locking peat is being depleted for use as fuel and to convert land for agriculture and roads. A lack of research means experts are unsure how quickly this is happening.
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A crop cutting experiment conducted on a sample zero budget natural farming field in Andra Pradesh, India. Image: Sustainable India Finance Facility
In the Indian province of Andhra Pradesh, ditching chemical pesticides and fertilisers in favour of natural farming has led to big increases in output and income for farmers. So what's stopping nationwide adoption of soil-friendly natural farming, writes Sourajit Aiyer.
Storm over Fossil Fuels
As extreme weather events intensify, so too will the political siege on the fossil fuel industry, and rightfully so. But Daniel Litvin warns that an unthinking backlash on Big Oil could have perverse effects for the global energy transition.
Scavengers pick through garbage collected at a landfill site in Thailand.
Each year more than 300 tonnes of processed gold are dumped in landfills. What if we could mine landfills for gold and other precious metals, ask researchers from Keele University.
werribee waste treatment plant australia
Biogas could make a significant contribution to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, says University of Southern Queensland associate professor Bernadette McCabe.
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