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biowaste to biogas
Biogas systems may potentially meet a variety of energy needs worldwide, while reducing waste streams and providing biofertiliser as a by-product.
Butcher's shop in Europpe
An onslaught of Covid-19 disruptions to food supplies and new meat-free innovations haven’t managed to shift European appetites away from their home comforts. Meanwhile, Asia shows more growth potential for vegan meat.
rice farmers china
Millions of farmers use anaerobic digesters to capture methane from manure, which has also improved indoor air by reducing wood burning.
cow dung karachi
In Karachi, a plan for a natural gas powered bus transport system may bring unexpected benefits to a cattle colony, promising sanitation, energy, and enhanced livelihood prospects.
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A crop cutting experiment conducted on a sample zero budget natural farming field in Andra Pradesh, India. Image: Sustainable India Finance Facility
In the Indian province of Andhra Pradesh, ditching chemical pesticides and fertilisers in favour of natural farming has led to big increases in output and income for farmers. So what's stopping nationwide adoption of soil-friendly natural farming, writes Sourajit Aiyer.
Storm over Fossil Fuels
As extreme weather events intensify, so too will the political siege on the fossil fuel industry, and rightfully so. But Daniel Litvin warns that an unthinking backlash on Big Oil could have perverse effects for the global energy transition.
Scavengers pick through garbage collected at a landfill site in Thailand.
Each year more than 300 tonnes of processed gold are dumped in landfills. What if we could mine landfills for gold and other precious metals, ask researchers from Keele University.
werribee waste treatment plant australia
Biogas could make a significant contribution to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target, says University of Southern Queensland associate professor Bernadette McCabe.
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