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The Malaysia-based entrepreneur has struggled to secure investment to scale his bamboo tissue business The Nurturing Co beyond the Singapore market.
While the worst days are over, the hidden economic impact of Covid-19 still poses a threat to countries across Asia-Pacific, where a fresh but mild wave of Covid-19 cases is picking up.
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To close the loop, upstream solutions such as packaging redesign and ‘reuse and refill’ models are needed, but they received far fewer investments in the last five years than businesses operating downstream, according to new data.
The Covid-19 pandemic hit them hard and nearly took away their livelihoods. But with new initiatives launched to champion traditional textile makers and sustainable fashion, the artisans of Iloilo, Philippines, are back at work on their looms. This International Women's Day, we spotlight their stories and how they have overcome their struggles.
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An effective international agreement on ocean plastic pollution should account for all aspects of plastics production – from manufacturing to disposal, and it must involve governments, the private sector, and the public.
trash collected during the East Coast beach clean up
Increased government and corporate accountability, including the full implementation of the EPR law and more investment into upcycling innovations, are equally critical to create a more sustainable waste management ecosystem in Singapore.
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There's been a lot of focus on getting households to sort their waste, but what happens after it's been collected?
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