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Singapore airshow 2024 jets
Global demand for sustainable aviation fuel still outstrips supply, in part keeping prices sky high. Challenges in sourcing raw materials in biomass-rich Southeast Asia could lead to tensions and competition.
After record arrivals in parts of Europe in 2023, efforts to deter migration will be high on the agenda from the UK to Italy.
Football, the world's most popular sport, is getting bigger but can it cut CO2 emissions to meet green pledges for sustainability?
What can generative AI do for sustainability? Who in the sector are paid most? Stories that attempted to answer these questions captured the attention of Eco-Business readers in 2023.
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Transport is one of the world's biggest polluters, but on the path to net zero, aviation is reinventing itself, potentially building a new kind of jet age.
lufthansa aircraft
Airlines such as Lufthansa and Ryanair are clashing over the European Union's airport slot rules. Are "ghost flights" a thing, or are the carriers just stoking climate fear?
Chemical plants
Unless meaningful action is taken to decarbonise traditional hard-to-abate sectors like steel and commercial aviation, we will have little chance of keeping global temperatures at a safe level.
women farmers in nepal 1
The world has a golden opportunity to build back boldly after the pandemic and put gender equality, social responsibility, and environmental protection at the heart of the recovery.
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An an air taxi manufactured by German firm Volocopter
Battery-powered air taxis could be a common sight on the city-state's skyline by 2021.
horizon system
University of Glasgow students with Bauhaus Luftfahrt conceptualise the Horizon System, an eco-friendly train-plane transport network to be used 37 years from now
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