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Climate change is causing sea levels to rise at an alarming rate, and nowhere is more at risk than archipelagic Southeast Asia. Climate scientist Professor Benjamin Horton of the Earth Observatory of Singapore tells the Eco-Business Podcast about the risks of rising waters and what can be done to address the problem.
Two weeks after South Korea's climate emergency declaration, its biggest state-owned utility firm has been given the go-ahead to build the Vung Ang 2 coal project in Vietnam. Several other Korean businesses are also on board.
As the need for steady clean electricity generation grows, refurbishing Asia’s decades-old hydropower plants could help them regain past strength, enhancing their contribution to the region’s energy transition, shows a new study.
Air-conditioning is in hot demand in Southeast Asia, but the energy-guzzling technology exacerbates climate change. Eco-Business asked Professor James Trevelyan how the region can stay cool without cooking the planet.
The new legislation would prohibit public firms from pouring money into coal overseas. It could see a planned project in Vietnam fall over, but with the deal about to be sealed, the window of opportunity is closing fast.
A South Korean public institution has announced it will back a controversial new coal project in Indonesia. The move is at odds with election promises made earlier this year, say experts. In Jakarta, activists took to the streets to protest the decision.
Green groups have long criticised the Jawa 9 & 10 coal power project over its devastating impacts on public health and the environment. Now, a study has revealed the project would also be unprofitable for its investors.
Using a coal retirement mechanism, nations could phase out coal power and replace it with renewables more quickly while creating new jobs, improving public health, and changing the trajectory of carbon emissions.
Where developers struggle to raise funds, crowdfunding platforms can help clean energy projects get off the ground. But what are the risks involved in such investments, and what should individuals look out for before committing their money?
In gridlocked, smoggy Southeast Asian cities, change is afoot to electrify transport and clear some of the world's most polluted skies. This video documents the pockets of hope for e-mobility around the most climate-vulnerable region.
Leaders and laggards in Southeast Asia's renewables race, banks quitting coal, an op-ed on eco-colonialism—these were among the topics that resonated most with our readers this year. Here’s why.
Vietnam is looking to replace its solar tariffs, which ushered in a golden era for solar power in the country, with an auction scheme. What will change for developers, and can the new policy live up to Vietnam’s earlier success?
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