Southeast Asia's Clean Energy Transition

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Eco-Business talks to 'angry clean energy guy' Assaad Razzouk about the flaws in much-hyped climate change solutions, and how to fix them.
Over 350,000 renewable energy jobs in the Philippines could be created by 2030. With the coal moratorium expected to add more clean energy capacity to the mix, could displaced power plant workers be among those to switch to green jobs?
Vietnam's upcoming power development plan is set to scale up its trajectory towards clean energy. Experts say the plan's success will depend on energy planners' ability to integrate renewables into the power system.
Eco-Business speaks with wind developer Theo Sunico of Triconti ECC, which has tapped into the Philippines' nascent wind market. Wind has the potential to meet soaring consumer demand for power, but will policy disconnect stall growth?
A growing chorus of Asians firms are announcing carbon neutrality targets. While it's good publicity, some have yet to disclose how they plan to cut the carb—possibly because they don't know, or don't intend to. How can corporate Asia's net-zero declarations be held to account?
Other than to have mercy on soon-to-be-unemployed nuclear engineers, there is not a single reason why Southeast Asia shouldn't leapfrog nuclear energy. Dangerous and expensive, the technology simply isn't worth the hassle.
Solar, wind, carbon capture, nature-based solutions—what are the technologies needed to combat climate change? Eco-Business asked clean energy entrepreneur Hendrik Tiesinga where the smart money is going.
Will people in price-sensitive Asia only buy clean energy if it's cheap? Eco-Business spoke to clean energy entrepreneurs about why consumer behaviour is lagging behind investment trends in Asia, and what can be done to persuade more people to switch to clean electricity.
The Philippines has ended new coal development as it pursues a low-carbon future. Don Paulino of non-profit Philippine Energy Independence Council and boss of Shell's exploration arm, argues why natural gas should remain in the energy mix.
As energy systems shift from fossil fuels to renewables, people are changing jobs—but for different reasons. Eco-Business explores why people are leaving behind the big money of extraction for the wild West of renewables.
Floating turbines could unlock vast clean energy potential. But as the industry gains momentum, stronger government support and coordination among stakeholders are needed to address its biggest challenges: investor confidence and cost.
The region’s clean energy players saw mixed fortunes in 2020 as they grappled with Covid-19 disruptions. How did they roll with the punches, and how will they adapt to a post-Covid world?
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