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Green Development 2030

A combination of digitalization and decarbonization will drive a new era of green development. Together with its customers and partners, Huawei will continuously innovate, use green ICT to empower green …
Building biodiversity – the natural resource management approach
The Co-Chairs of the International Resource Panel hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (Izabella Teixeira, former Environment Ministry of Brazil and Janez Potocnik, former European Commissioner for Environment and …
Nature-based solutions in carbon offsetting
After a decade-long slumber, carbon offsetting is once again entering the mainstream. Driven by net-zero pledges from corporates, government commitments, and consumer demand, green projects that remove or avoid the …
Carbon offsetting in higher education
As the effects of climate change continue to be felt globally with increasing severity, there is an increased desire among private sector actors to do something about the looming catastrophe. …
Behaviour change—save nature please
Human behaviour - including how we interact with nature - is complex, influenced by many different social, economic and cultural factors unique to individuals, communities and nations. Now help is …
The future of data centres in the face of climate change
How can we decarbonise even while building better cloud solutions? This white paper explores the viable solutions available to help data centre operators fight the rising tide of environmental challenges.
The road to decarbonisation: What’s the best way for business?
Why is it so difficult for companies to decarbonise? What are the obstacles that stand in the way? This report examines the right paths for companies to take on their …
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