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Air pollution in China – Sustainability insights
With only six of China’s cities meeting the second tier of the National Environmental Air Quality Standards (NEAQS) in 2015, air pollution has become one of the biggest signs that …
The role of SCP in climate change mitigation and adaptation
Over the last decades, climate change has emerged as a significant threat, impacting on human health, ecosystems, biodiversity, food and energy security. Climate change has been fuelled, among others, by …
"Sustainable Asia"

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"Sustainable Asia"

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the topic of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), together with a detailed analysis of the current developmental situation in various developing countries in …
Co-Benefits of the Sichuan Rural Poor-Household Biogas PoA
The Centre for Sustainable Environmental Sanitation (CSES) at the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) was appointed by UPM Umwelt-Projekt-Management GmbH (UPM) to evaluate critically the actual and potential …
Go haze-free for Singapore

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Go haze-free for Singapore

The annual haze that chokes Southeast Asia has often been blamed on palm oil. Yet, companies in Singapore continue to use palm oil to produce a wide range of products …
2nd White Paper Tourism and Water: From Challenges to Solutions
This second White Paper, From Challenges to Solutions, maps water stress and scarcity in the Asia Pacific region against tourism water use.
Cleaning Delhi's air

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Cleaning Delhi's air

What does it take to clean Delhi's air?
Environmental, social, and governance reporting in travel & tourism: Trends, outlook, and guidance
Researched for the World Travel & Tourism Council, this full report introduces the concepts of ESG Reporting generally and then specifically for Travel & Tourism.
Achieving zero (net) deforestation commitments
The report entitled "Achieving Zero (Net) Deforestation Commitments: What it means and how to get there" charts how to realise corporate 'Zero Deforestation Pledges' and widen global support for them.
Hotel Sustainability Tool 2015
Developed by researchers Howard Chong and Eric Ricaurte, the "Hotel Sustainability Tool 2015" is available from the CHR at no charge.
Indicators for a resource efficient and green Asia and the Pacific
Calling for a 'new industrial revolution' to promote equitable human well-being with lower resource use, the report cautions that the Asia-Pacific region cannot depend on declining natural resource costs for …
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