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Nickel facility Kolaka, Sulawesi, Indonesia
With Chinese companies having invested heavily in Indonesian nickel, greening the sector is vitally important.
Activists have warned of a potential surge in deforestation under a plan to remap Indonesia’s Papua region from two provinces into five.
deep sea mining in India
The Russian invasion has given impetus to proponents of commercial deep-sea mining, which could go ahead as soon as 2023. New research finds that there is insufficient science to suggest that mining will not risk damaging deep-sea ecosystems.
India 2011 - The Poverty Line
An average human adult makes an average of 35,000 decisions a day. For those at the bottom of the pyramid, these decisions are a matter of life and death. Eco-Business speaks to Lin Huiyi, the economist-artist behind the award-winning The Poverty Line project, about what survival means to people living on the bare minimum.
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Four in five of the world’s workforce is on lockdown due to Covid-19, with no end in sight. The post-pandemic world order needs one familiar function to tie social sustainability together – human resources.
texas hurrican harvey
Hurricane Harvey isn't a "natural disaster" because disasters are not natural, says University College London researcher Ilan Kelman. Rather, they are the result of social and political forces which shape people's vulnerability to events.
Closing Ceremony at COP21
Here’s what to consider as the global climate agreement set in motion at the COP21 in Paris moves towards implementation.
Picture for Papua New Guinea NDC opinion article
Papua New Guinea is the first to formally submit a national climate action plan following COP 21, marking an important step forward in the global fight against climate change.
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