Wattwatchers announcement - new website launched

Accurate customer-side energy management tools now come with WiFi communications, networking via the Internet and a ‘light touch’.

Sydney-based technology developer Wattwatchers launched its new website today (January 30th, 2012), showcasing its range of low-cost, Class 1-accurate and real-time energy management devices.

The Wattwatchers system enables ‘energy saving networks’ for both residential and commercial settings, and also offers commercial sub-metering that is ‘uncomplicated, unwired and uncostly’.

The target market includes a wide range of energy services companies, progressive energy retailers, corporate and community-based networks, micro-grids, and government and academic research and demonstration projects.

Wattwatchers is committed to delivering tools for the Energy Information Age with a light touch – low cost for consumers, low overheads for operation and low resource use for the environment – with a focus on:

  • Value for money – inexpensive and cost effective systems
  • Resource efficiency – small size units, no batteries, wireless installation, leverages existing communications infrastructure
  • Minimal energy use –products are designed around low-power chipsets
  • Data productivity – real-time communications with very low overhead protocols
  • Reusability – products can be recovered, reprogrammed and reinstalled

The heart of the system is a Wattwatchers Auditor®, which comes in a range of models for commercial and residential applications, combining the functions of a power meter, an energy meter, a data logger and an Internet appliance.

When hardwired into electrical circuits, an Auditor® streams real-time data via WiFi to the Internet using existing local or home area IP networks, with data delivered simultaneously to local networks, externally-hosted cloud services and relay servers to support existing Building Management software or Mobile applications. Any number of Auditor® devices, from any location, can be networked as part of the system.

CONTACT: Murray Hogarth, Director

email: murray@wattwatchers.com.au

mobile: (+61) (0) 417267235

twitter: @TheWattwatcher

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