Veolia showcases expertise at Power-Gen Asia 2012

From 3 to 5 October 2012, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (Veolia) will update the power generation industry with information about the latest water and wastewater treatments available for the sector. A wide array of innovations will be on display at Booth F60 (Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre, Bangkok), and Veolia will host its inaugural Water Technical Forum.

Technologies at Power-Gen Asia

At the trade show, Veolia will present technologies specifically adapted for the needs of power generation companies. In particular, there will be demo units of Rapide™ Strata and Actiflo® onsite.

  • Rapide™ Strata twin-bed deionizers produce high quality pure water with little need for operator involvement. Even with its small footprint, the system is able to treat a significant volume because of its large capacity and low chemical usage. Compared to conventional ion exchange systems, Rapide Strata uses 20 per cent fewer chemicals per cubic meter of water and has a relatively shorter ion-exchange cycle. As a result, the Veolia innovation offers savings of up to 40 per cent in running and effluent costs.
  • Actiflo® is a compact process that uses the proprietary Actisand™ microsand as a seed for floc formation. Actisand™ provides a large surface area in order to enhance flocculation and also acts as a weight to aid rapid settlement. Compared to conventional clarifiers, Actiflo® occupies a small land area and has a high removal rate of turbidity (90 per cent). The system is an ideal solution for recycling process water and pre-treating boiler feed or water within a cooling tower.

Power generation companies can also look to Veolia to provide temporary solutions, just as Alstom Power did. For its plant in Switzerland, the company employed a water treatment plant to provide a water-steam circuit that cools the air intake of the gas turbine. When the existing water treatment system needed to be upgraded, Alstom Power contracted Veolia to provide solutions for maintaining water quality at the factory during the reconstruction period. Within two days, Veolia dispatched AQUAMOVE™ trucks from England and the Netherlands. These containers ensured the necessary water quality at Alstom Power for the subsequent five weeks

Water Technical Forum

In addition to showcasing its water treatment solutions at Power-Gen Asia 2012, Veolia will also be holding its first-ever Water Technical Forum at the show. This will take place on 4 October 2012, from 12pm to 2pm at Sapphire Room 104.

During the session, attendees will gain insight into how they can enhance the performance and optimize the lifespan of their water and wastewater treatment processes, as well as reduce costs involved.

Following the technical forum, participants will adjourn to a complementary networking lunch, during which they will have the opportunity to interact with Veolia representatives and better understand how appropriate water treatment systems can aid their businesses.

Carlo PATTERI, Business Development Director, SEA Engineering Center, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, said, “Veolia has served the power generation industry for more than 20 years, and we remain committed to partnering the sector and improving the water treatment processes that will help ensure optimum performance at manufacturing facilities. We look forward to introducing our most recent innovations to current and potential customers at Power-Gen Asia 2012.”

To learn more about Veolia’s leading edge technologies, visit Booth F60 at the Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre, Bangkok from Wednesday (3 October 2012) till Friday (5 October).

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