URBAN Charge, Singapore’s latest EV charging operator, is officially launched by URBAN RENEWABLES

URBAN Charge, Singapore’s latest EV charging operator, is officially launched by URBAN RENEWABLES

URBAN Charge will provide free EV charging units for C&I and condominium building owners, who adopt solar rooftop and energy efficiency projects with URBAN RENEWABLES. The initiative sets to support Singapore government’s goal to roll out a network of public and private charging stations to kickstart decarbonisation of the country’s transport sector.

Sustainable energy developer, URBAN RENEWABLES, is rolling out an exclusive packaged deal under its brand URBAN Charge to give away free electric vehicle charging units along with the adoption of solar rooftop and/or energy efficiency projects for building owners in the commercial and industrial sector as well as private apartment complexes.

“We see great potential in assisting companies and MCST to implement more electric vehicle charging stations for them play a contributing role in Singapore’s sustainable energy transition. It is a win-win situation by helping to drive our business partners’ sustainability goals, while supporting the nation’s target to achieve carbon neutrality in the transport sector. The implementation of URBAN Charge at zero cost is expected to provide a great boost in confidence and to promote convenient accessibility for building owners and local communities en route to normalising electric vehicle adoption”, said Patricia Eng, General Manager of URBAN RENEWABLES.

Last year October, transport minister Ong Ye Kang mentioned in the news the need to further reduce the electric vehicle per charging point ratio from the projected 8:1 in 2030, to better support the anticipated growth of EVs. Singapore is ramping up the installation of EV charging points, as part of its plan to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles by 2040.

Managing director of the group, Edgare Kerkwijk, “There is uncertainty within the private sector at this point of transition, which is exactly why URBAN Charge is offered as an incentive with all risks absorbed by us. While the current government efforts are very much focused on public carparks, we see a crucial need to support the installation of EV charging units at corporate and private levels.”

URBAN RENEWABLES prides themselves as the first city-focused renewable energy developer in Asia-Pacific. The company take a holistic approach towards renewable energy development in cities and provides more than a dozen energy solutions for building owners and corporates.

The company’s subsidiary in Singapore, URBAN RENEWABLES (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD, was launched in September last year as the group sees great potential here, at home. The company funds and manages the total life cycle of every project, from development stage to operation and maintenance.

Apart from developing solar rooftop projects to garner the needful green power, the sustainable energy firm also implements onsite energy solutions that seek to deliver immediate cost savings, cost certainty, resilience and low-cost energy grid augmentation.

From a variety of energy-saving technologies, including energy efficiency solutions, smart controls, LED lighting, combined heat and power facilities as well as building retrofits, among others. 


URBAN RENEWABLES PTE LTD was established in June 2020, with the aim to develop and invest in sustainable energy solutions for the betterment of urbanisation, as well as, to provide opportunities for communities to participate and invest in the energy transition of their own cities.


For media queries, please contact:

Ms. Patricia Eng General Manager


Mobile: (65) 9100 1307

Email: patricia@urban-renewables.com Website: www.urban-renewables.com



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