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A study examining short-term exposure to 'spikes' in air pollution reveals that these incidents contribute to 1 million deaths annually, highlighting research that urges a policy response, especially as poorer countries bear the heaviest burden.
As anecdotal evidence of low birth weight and pre-term labour increases, doctors are embarking on a first-of-its-kind study across Sindh to determine the effect of heat during pregnancy.
Clean air seems like a no-brainer benefit but across Europe restrictions on polluting cars have sparked anger and protests.
The Third Pole looks at the manifestoes of Pakistan’s main political parties in the run up to national elections to see what they promise on green growth, renewables, climate adaptation and mitigation.
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Air pollution is a 'silent killer', say former New Zealand PM and former WHO chief scientist.
Despite being on other sides of the planet, Jakarta and Iowa are staring down similar issues around water hygiene and supply.
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Most informal settlements, commonly known as "slums", are located in tropical Asia and Africa, where residents have limited data and options to adapt to growing heat-related health risks.
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Unhappiness among villagers in Rempang, close to Batam island, has led to riots in Batam City and threatens existing and future foreign investment.
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EB Podcast: Climate Tech In Asia - Gogoro Founder Horace Luke
Exclusive In this new podcast series 'Climate Tech in Asia', Eco-Business speaks to Gogoro chairman and CEO Horace Luke about the company's recent listing on the Nasdaq and its quest to electrify Asia's ubiquitous two-wheelers and make battery swapping mainstream.
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