Thailand’s “Finest” Oud Oil receives International Approval

The sustainable Oud oil currently being produced by Asia Plantation Capital (APC) in their modern artisan distilleries has recently achieved approval by IFRA (The International Fragrance Association) for use in the production of fine fragrances.

APC’s Oud is one of the few sustainably produced oud oils to achieve this standard and probably the only plantation produced oil to have approval. The state of the art distilleries used to create this organic Oud oil have all been designed to utilise the best aspects of the traditional artisan techniques with the benefit of state of the art control and consistency to safeguard high quality standards.

Testing was carried out by ABP Australia, an industry expert with 30 years experience in evaluating essential oils. ABP is equipped with a purpose built, state-of-the-art laboratory, staffed by industry experts dedicated to identifying the world’s most pure and unadulterated oils. IFRA is a voluntary trade body whose members commit to provide products that are safe for use by the consumer and to the environment.

Jonnie Swarbrick, Creative Director of the fragrance brand Du Bois, explains what this means “basically all essential oils and other ingredients used as part of the composition in fragrances have to be tested and approved as safe to use. IFRA members have a particularly robust testing level including skin sensitivity tests and chemical analyses. They can only use raw materials and oils reaching these high IFRA standards.”

This newly achieved standard adds to the existing export approval APC has obtained from CITES (International Convention for the Trade in Endangered Species) for the supply and international distribution of its Oud oils produced from the endangered agarwood tree which APC has successfully reintegrated in Sri Lanka and Thailand as a viable sustainable plantation project.

The harvesting and production of Oud oil from the endangered wild aquilaria trees has been banned by CITES since 2000. The movement and sale of all agarwood products from these trees is governed by CITES certificates which consequently confirm the origins as sustainable. In fact APC additionally undertake to replant two plantation trees for every one harvested, Jonnie Swarbrick believes that “as far as I know APC is the only plantation company to guarantee both CITES and IFRA certification on organic Oud oils”.

APC supply Oud oil to many international fragrances and recognisable high street brands. Additionally they have a close relationship with Fragrance Du Bois who exclusively use APC’s Oud for their bespoke and personalised fragrances, a brand and concept that is presently taking Asia by storm; one of the fastest growing private fragrance brands in the region.

Undiluted Oud oils are also supplied by APC throughout the Middle East where it is recognised and valued as premium sustainable oil. Traditionally used in Arabic culture for centuries, the continued supply and use has long been taken for granted but is now wholly relying on sustainable plantations and pioneering companies such as Asia Plantation Capital.

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