Tetronics supply world-leading technology to US waste management firm

Tetronics International, a global leader in environmentally friendly resource recovery solutions, has today announced the signing of a deal to provide its plasma arc technology to Duncan Recycling & Refining (DR2), USA to recover precious metals from catalytic converters found in cars.

The deal represents continued export success for Tetronics which has been firmly established in international markets for decades. Its plasma arc systems are globally recognised as the most sustainable, future-proof solution for recovering valuable resources from materials including spent catalysts, electronics and mining ores. Tetronics will develop and deliver a plasma refining plant for DR2, based in Duncan, Oklahoma.

DR2’s President David Nichols made the decision to install Tetronics’ plasma arc technology at its plant in Oklahoma after seeing it in action it during a trip to Europe two years ago. After recognising the technology’s potential, he decided to make it central to his new business which will use plasma to extract and refine the valuable platinum group metals and ceramics found in catalytic converters.

Using Tetronics’ plasma arc recovery system means DR2 will be able to recover the highest amount of precious metals found in catalytic converters, whilst having the smallest impact on the environment. This gives it the lowest cost per troy ounce (the unit precious metals are measured in) to the producer of any recovered platinum group metals.

The plant will have the capacity to process six tonnes of catalytic converters a day– equivalent to two million catalytic converters every year. Once recovered, the precious metals will then be sold so they can be reused in a variety of products and processes. The waste that isn’t valuable is then converted into an inert material called Plasmarok®, which can be used as a building aggregate.

When it is fully operational in 2016, the DR2 plant will be one of 11 Tetronics precious metal recovery plants installed worldwide.

Graeme Rumbol, CEO of Tetronics International, said:

“We are delighted to have signed this agreement and we are very much looking forward to seeing the plant become operational.

“Duncan Recycling & Refining was established partly due to seeing our technology – demonstrating that Tetronics is a world leader in precious metal recovery.

“This deal shows Tetronics is regarded across the world as the market leader in the recovery of precious metals and we’re looking forward to continuing our strong growth path over the coming months.”

David Nichols, President of Duncan Recycling and Refining, said:

“We are very excited about using Tetronics’ technology, it is absolutely essential to our business. We are already looking at other ways we can work with them, so we have the capacity to refine even more metals.

“When it is fully operational the plant will help bring jobs to the area, which will start at around one and a half times the average salary in the area.”

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