TBEC-PDS sign agreement for new biogas projects in Thailand

TBEC, Thailand’s leading biogas producer, signs a BOOT agreement with Palm D Sri Nakorn, for a new 4.2 MW biogas power plant in Nakorn Sri Thamarat.

The project will sell electricity to the PEA under the VSPP program.

Mr. Gustaf Godenhielm, Managing Director, Thai Biogas Energy Co.,Ltd said:

“With proper quality and safety procedures, biogas is a clean and safe form of energy. In addition to producing green electricity, this project will ensure efficient wastewater treatment. It will also significantly reduce air pollution to the benefit of people living in the area and reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 20 000 cars annual exhaust.

It is our fourth BOOT biogas project in southern Thailand, which further increases our lead on any competitors in this region as our electricity production from those projects alone reaches 13 MW. In recent months, we have witnessed and welcomed increased efficiency in the permit process for renewable energy projects in Thailand. Bolstered by the improved business climate, we aim to build several projects in the energy-deprived south of Thailand in the next few years.”

Mr. Punya Laohawiwat, Managing Director, Palm D Sinakorn Co, Ltd, noted: “For us, one of the critical success factors of an agro-industry factory is its ability to efficiently and safely treat its wastewater. Failure to do so may lead to factory shutdowns. So we decided to mitigate this risk by outsourcing the wastewater-to-biogas project to the leading company in Thailand.”

TBEC will invest THB 230 million to build, own and operate a Cover Lagoon Bio Reactor (CLBR™) large enough to efficiently treat 1000m3/day of wastewater corresponding to a mill with capacity of 100 tons per hour of fresh fruit bunches.

The project is expected to start producing power in 2015. It will sell electricity produced from indigenous sources to the PEA in southern Thailand, a region that recently faced a shortage of electricity caused by a temporary gas supply disruption in the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area - JDA-A18 during June 13-July 10, 2014 and which suffered from a major blackout last year. This plant will become TBEC’s 10th Biogas Power Plant since 2003.

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