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More than any other plant, the Moringa (Oleifera. ) has played a vital part in the life of human kind and has been central to the development of culture and food.

The Moringa is a functional plant in the agricultural system of many countries and has acquired a huge socio–economic importance over the centuries. Owing to its never die nature and adaptability, it plays a major role as a feature as a crop that grows even in harsh soil and difficult climatic conditions.

A fascinating 8,000 year-long history, documented by legends, traditions, religious texts and archaeological discoveries, traces the origins of the Moringa to the North India and describes its establishment in all the countries bordering the India and in many other countries suited to its cultivation.

This genius tree is an economic and social resource in every environment. It protects the countryside and helps to prevent rural depopulation besides being the source of healthy food supplements like Moringa leaf and Moringa oil.

Moringa Oleifera , an Indian origin plant has re-gained its importance due to nutraceutical values and is considered as indispensable plant for health management. It is one of the most incredible plants to the mankind as its nutritional and medicinal properties have immense potential to manage malnutrition and prevent and heal many maladies.

On realising the potentiality of Moringa as a nutritional security provider and the high value energy crop, much importance is attached globally, Global Moringa Meet 2017 an international Workshop presented by the ADVANCED BIOFUEL CENTER (ABC), promises to be an important event in exploring best production practices, best horticultural practices, best harvesting practices and best value addition, to be held November 25-26, 2017 at Jaipur India, is a “must attend” for all stakeholders to know the latest research and development activities and to reap the fullest potential of Moringa.

The growing importance of this crop in meeting demand for agricultural foodstuffs has played a special role in creating favorable conditions for a more effective expansion of Moringa growing, backed in some countries by specific domestic development programmes.

In a globalised market, ABC has able to provide top-quality MOMAX3/ PKM1 Moringa seeds/plants to cover this general increase in Moringa acreage.

Quality Planting material production is a strategic link in the Moringa supply chain and influences the choices and economic performance of the whole production sector either for leaves or seeds.

The development of improved varieties, propagation techniques, Floral biology and Advanced production systems in annual Moringa and perennial Moringa, Cropping systems, Nutrient management, biofertiliser for enhancing the production potential of Moringa, weed management, Major insect pests of Moringa and their management, Disease of Moringa and their management, Post harvest management, Seed production strategies for perennial Moringa and the use of new technologies are the key to ensure the developing a modern, sustainable, profitable Moringa growing.

A modern advancements has a dynamic domino effect on the Moringa industry to introduce technology is the ideal frame for transferring innovations in Moringa growing. This will allow the Moringa tree and its unique produce to serve as a bridge between tradition and innovation, between culture and health, and to secure growth and economic development.

The Moringa is a species of major economic importance to many countries. Over the last 10 years in particular, there has been an upsurge of interest in its cultivation and production.

Moringa is appreciated not only for its nutritional value but also as an integral part of the health-promoting qualities , which is an accredited nutritional model across the globe.

The 5th Global Moringa Meet 2017 shall describe the basic techniques and good agricultural practices that can be implemented according to local conditions in Moringa Farms in these areas: The key role and future development of modern Moringa value addition in order to guarantee product quality to both producers and consumers.

“This Moringa Meet is chocked full of information and participants will go home with a wealth of knowledge regarding A-Z of Moringa,” Dp Maharshi, President , Moringa India and organiser said

DP Maharshi is a true believer when it comes to Moringa.

Maharshi, who founded a Superfood company Moringa India, is convinced Moringa will be the next crop of Century.

There’s only about 130,000 ha of Moringa so far, but Maharshi envisions a much larger number in the near future. As per ABC studies, which estimate that Moringa orchard crop area will expand at a yearly rate of 120,000 ha, so bringing world crop area to around 1 million ha up to 2025.

“I think there’s going to be an explosion in acres in a couple of years,” said Maharshi, founder and president of Moringa India an arm of Advanced Biofuel Center.

Moringa India is a Moringa breeding and production company that develops new varieties of Moringa and engages developers/ farmers to grow the crop for leaves/oilseed.

For years Maharshi and his team have been developing new perennial variety for the oilseed Moringa crop and have introduced world’s highest yielding variety MOMAX3 Moringa for plantation for seed oil purpose. orders for MOMAX3 Moringa Perennial Seeds can be booked here

Moringa acres in 2017 are 30 per cent more compared to 2016, but Moringa India has posted a string of successes over the last 24 months in the area of improved cultivar and technology:

“Their successive technology and market milestones over the past few years sparked investment interest,” said Mr. Maharshi, Moringa India President.

“Their sustainable Moringa ingredients have garnered the most attention, but we like their diversity into several different revenue streams like superfood, pharma, aquafeed, pet food, poultry feed, cosmetics and biofuel , based on a foundation of advanced agronomy, improved MOMAX3 Moringa cultivar and solid economics.”

We’ve got a lot of topics on the agenda, including production techniques in Moringa growing & processing, selecting tree spacing and farm design, choosing the varieties, fruit ripening and optimal harvest timing etc.

New Farms are most instrumental in raising production, facilitating proper harvest and expanding Moringa growing. When establishing Moringa successful Farm, one has to ensure right, efficient and enhanced Production techniques in Moringa growing:

–optimal conditions for developing the root system, making the canopy functional, achieving heavy fruiting and obtaining product quality.

–the right areas in terms of climate, soil and technical and commercial facilities.

– the tree spacing adapted to the requirements of the species and cultivar and suited to efficient harvest.

– the use of high-yielding cultivars with long productive life span which bear quality product, are resistant to pests and diseases and adapted to high yields.

– to Make sure water drainage is correct and if water logging persists, drain.

– Water after planting and monitor the trees carefully, especially for the next two years when growth is at a maximum, to avoid water stress and nutritional deficiencies and to ensure rational crop health protection.

This year’s Global Moringa Meet has more scientists and topics covering all aspects of Moringa Oleifera. The participants shall hear their scientific knowledge and experiences first hand through in-depth experiments and discussion, and explore innovative new ideas on how to prove the value of Moringa farms and ultimately grow revenues, despite the economic downturn.

To conclude, production processes and business planning need to be better organised and balanced . In practical terms, it is necessary to organize a new productive, commercial and technological approach right from ground zero to Moringa production to incorporate a strategic role into its overall economic and social functions, to make it capable of production of Moringa adapted to a range of environments, to equip it to provide the ideal frame for expanding Moringa growing and to make sure that every country derives effective, sustainable benefits from using this natural resource.

This event is designed to allow attendees a better appreciation of Moringa and value addition throughout the world. Scientists and experts will address both growing and processing of Moringa crops.

Only a few days left until the start of 5th Global Moringa Meet. Register today to To know A-Z about Moringa and new business horizons

An another program MORINGA FARM STAY is also available to learn moringa by doing

To order MOMAX3 Moringa Seed or to register for 5th Global Moringa Meet or book Moringa Farm Stay contact us

Dp Maharshi

CEO & President, Moringa India

Advanced Biofuel Center

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