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Sustainable fabrics that will replace cotton and polyester

Australian-based start-up company Kusaga Athletic has combined nature and technology to develop a range of plant-based sustainable fabrics designed to replace traditional fabrics like polyester and cotton.

As world leaders gather in Paris for the United Nations Climate talks this week, Kusaga Athletic co-founder Graham Ross sees an ideal opportunity for every individual to contribute in practical ways to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Mr. Ross says, “Climate change is a complex problem that impacts all of us. Plenty of smart people are working on big solutions, but we can’t afford to wait and see what will happen. Everyone of us has a responsibility to find and adopt smarter solutions”.

Kusaga Athletic recently launched The Greenest T-shirt on the Planet made from their 100% plant-based sustainable fabric ECOLITE™, which is softer than cotton, and with the same technical capabilities of polyester.

The eco-friendly greenest tee is designed tooffer anyone who wears t-shirts a simple way to do something practical about climate change. It’s compostable and biodegradable and better still, it uses less than 1% of the water needed to manufacture a standard cotton tee.

“Not many people realise it can take 3,000 litres of water to make a single cotton t-shirt. With a staggering two billion t-shirts sold every year worldwide we figured it was a pretty good place to start to help mitigate climate change. We think given the choice between similar products, people will choose the option that’s better for the environment.” Ross said.

The Greenest T-shirt on the Planet is Kusaga’s first direct to consumer retail offering. It launched this month on the Kickstarter crowd funding site.

Kusaga Athletic also supply eco-friendly apparel to Earth Hour Global/WWF and pioneering eco-events company Endurance Evergreen. Ross credits these companies for putting sustainability first in their business models.

“Recycle and re-use have their place, but for new products and businesses serious about addressing the impact of climate change, sustainability must be the foundation. It’s the essential baseline from this point on.”

For further information and images of The Greenest T-shirt on the Planet prototypes please visit

To arrange an interview with co-founder Graham Ross please email or call +61 423 638811


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