Sustainable cosmetics summit: Latin America and Europe agendas announced

Organic Monitor has announced the agenda of the upcoming Latin American and European editions of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. Taking place in São Paulo on 14-15 September, the Latin American edition ( will feature social & customer impacts, green ingredients, and marketing developments.

For the first time in Latin America, a summit will debate the social and safety issues of cosmetics in the context of sustainability. An update will be given of safety regulations for cosmetics in the EU, USA, as well as the implications to Brazilian companies. With a growing number of countries imposing bans on animal-testing methods, the Humane Society will discuss alternative methods. How likely is a ban in Brazil, and what developments are occurring in Asia?

With growing discussions about a circular economy, Guilherme Brammer from WiseWaste will question the future of cosmetics & personal care products in a shared economy. TerraCycle will give details of its recycling initiatives, especially how it is creating new products from packaging waste. Lena Peron, founder of Feito Brasil, will give some insights into how it is generating positive social value with its natural cosmetics.

The European edition ( will discuss approaches to reduce the environmental impact of cosmetic & personal care products by the use of green materials and packaging. Hosted in Paris on 24-26th October, the summit comprises four sessions and two dedicated workshops.

The future direction of green materials will be featured. Although plant-based ingredients have become popular, there are concerns that scarcity of agricultural land will raise sustainability issues in the future. The use of marine ingredients, especially algae, as a renewable feedstock will be explored. Daniel Hoggarth from the Marine Stewardship Council will give details of the new sustainable seaweed standard. Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of Deinove, will show how Deinocci baceteria can be a starting material for cosmetic ingredients. Another paper by Meryem Benohoud will discuss the possibilities provided by food waste. The role of bio-mimetics and sustainable processing methods to create novel ingredients will also be explored.

Another session looks at the role of green ingredients in lowering the environmental footprint of cosmetic formulations. With growing research showing the detrimental impact of cosmetic ingredients on marine ecosystems, alternatives to contentious ingredients will be featured. J. Rettenmaier & Soehne will give details of its green exfoliants, whilst Ronald Britton will discuss the prospects for bio-based glitter. Allard Max, CEO of the marine-friendly sunscreen brand Aethic, will highlight the damage caused by conventional sunscreens on coral reefs. Other papers will cover developments in anti-pollution ingredients, and formulating with sustainable raw materials.

The European and Latin American editions will also showcase sustainability best-practices in the cosmetics industry. Paolo Goi from Davines will share the Italian brand’s raft of green initiatives. Marks & Spencer will give an update on its Plan A, including progress made so far. O Boticário, the second leading Brazilian beauty brand, will discuss the sustainability issues faced by companies in an economic downturn. Villaça Ramalho from the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development will highlight the implications of COP21 to the cosmetics industry.

With Brexit a major talking point in Europe, Dominic Watkins from the legal firm DWF will discuss the possible scenarios and trade implications to cosmetic and ingredient firms. Likely changes to cosmetic regulations in the UK and EU will also be covered.

The European edition ends with two workshops. The French packaging association will review the various ways the packaging impact of personal care products can be reduced. With the use of success stories, the use of sustainable materials and design approach will be discussed. Another technical workshop reviews the various green preservative options available to cosmetic brands.

About the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit

Since 2009, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit has been covering sustainability issues in the cosmetic & personal care industry. The international series of summits now takes place in the major geographic regions of the world. More information is available from

Upcoming editions

Latin American edition: 14-15 September, São Paulo

European edition: 24-26 October, Paris

About Organic Monitor

Organic Monitor is a specialist research, consulting & training company that focuses on the global organic & related product industries. Since 2001, we have been providing a range of business services to operators in high-growth ethical & sustainable industries. Our services include market research publications, business & technical consulting, seminars & workshops, and sustainability summits. Visit us at

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