Sustainability metric training is crucial in the workplace

According to the GSA, the global e-learning market is projected to reach $107.3 billion by the year 2015. Kerry Mitchell, President of Green Education Online says the benefits and reduction in operational costs, flexibility for students to access information 24/7 helps drive the success.

Mitchell says “If companies and governments are to become more efficient in their day to day operations and want to implement greener business practices and recognize leaner budgets constraints, the management team and employees in each department need to learn about conserving energy and water resources, managing their watse and understand the concepts of greener business practices.”

The company’s mission is to train online 24/7 so is that employees in all departments can be guided on the importance of how their practices impact the bottom line and stakeholders are asking for accountability on carbon offset efforts and this only happens if internal training is provided.

Green Education Online feels the employee pool must learn about recycling, waste management, energy efficiency, green fleets basics, water conservation and more through their organizations internal programs. Most companies ask employees to take courses such as “sexual harassment in the workplace” or offer ADOBE or MICROSOFT training. Now, as they desire to implement green best practices, they can offer 24/7 access to on line green topics.

By implementing sustainability metric concepts in strategic plans, management costs are reduced by osmosis. Offering clients and employees training in sustainable planning principles, corporate social responsibility, green cleaning concepts, waste management, water conservation and green building basics supports green efforts, products and services thus building new business.

The keys to this type of a marketing strategy are to promote and present these offerings engaging employees and your affiliated organizations. Most are interested to know how to plan for energy savings, what can be recycled, ways to improve indoor air quality and minimize absenteeism so this can only compliment your overall plan for positioning.

Mitchell states, “As legislation continues to be introduced on the global, federal and local levels, those who train today will be pro-active in compliant issues with providing e-learning education on resource management.”

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