Shining beacons light the way in doing their part for water

Three outstanding recipients recognised in PUB’s Watermark Awards for their contributions to Singapore’s water sustainability

The recipients of this year’s Watermark Awards clearly demonstrate that sustainable use of water and business success are mutually reinforcing.

The three recipients − Alexandra Health System, Siloso Beach Resort and Mr Philip Chan Kok Leong − will receive the prestigious award from Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, at the Singapore SportsHub on 22 March 2015.

Siloso Beach Resort - Embracing Water for Sustainable Comfort

Siloso Beach Resort (SBR), which has been conferred the Watermark Honorary Award for its exemplary contributions towards water and environmental sustainability in Singapore, centres its efforts on reducing potable water usage in their operations and promoting public awareness on water conservation.

Their efforts include a self-maintained rooftop garden which retains rainwater for irrigation and the use of excess spring water to irrigate the landscape. Its water efficiency index is within the top 10% among hotels in Singapore. SBR is also a strong proponent of education, making use of its facilities to showcase and test-bed environmentally friendly technologies and practices.

Since 2007, it has in place an Eco Tour programme which educates visitors on the environmental initiatives implemented in the resort. In 2013, its Water-Centric Eco Tour was launched with a comprehensive showcase of their water-related operations such as their water-efficient chiller system. Over 8,000 people have benefitted from the tours.

Said Mr Kelvin Ng, Managing Director of Siloso Beach Resort, “Hotels are typically high consumers of water, therefore we want to lead by example through conservation practices. Due to the high rate of passage in hotels, we are also in a unique position to influence our guests and the community through education. Furthermore, having a well preserved eco-system at the resort has been a motivation to use water resources sustainably.”

Alexandra Health System - Water for health, for living, for life

Alexandra Health System currently manages Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH). By 2022, Alexandra Health System will build and oversee three other medical centres. Environmental and water sustainability is central to Alexandra Health’s management of KTPH and upcoming ones such as Yishun Community Hospital and Admiralty Medical Centre.

It ensures that the hospital incorporates water efficiency into its operations right from the start. Measures such as drip irrigation, using water from Yishun Pond for irrigation and using condensate water for air-con cooling towers help reduce overall water consumption.

Water conservation is part of the organisational culture, with a strong commitment from a senior management that has established a committee to review significant water usage areas, right to the staff level, where briefings to new employees incorporate environmental preservation and staff are encouraged to get involved in projects to reduce water consumption. KTPH was awarded PUB’s Active, Beautiful, Clean Water (ABC Waters) certification in 2010 and the Water Efficient Building (Gold) in 2014.

Mr Philip Chan Kok Leong - Championing water sustainability as a way of life

Individual recipient, Mr Philip Chan is a Sustainability Manager with Asia Square. His passion for sustainability issues and the need to conserve water go beyond his call of duty. Mr Chan constantly seeks innovative solutions to improve the sustainability of the building. For example, he devised improvements to the pivot valve design at the water tanks of Asia Square to reduce wastage resulting from water overflow.

Mr Chan also conducted research on the sensitivity of water closet (WC) sensors, and subsequently used the findings to raise awareness to tenants on WC etiquette to prevent water wastage. His outreach efforts include grooming participants of the Water Efficiency Manager Course and organising tours for delegates and students to educate them about the sustainable practices at Asia Square.

Said Mr Chan, “I feel honoured for winning the Watermark Award from PUB in recognition of my efforts including my innovative design that will help to save more than 30,000 litres of water from overflowing from the water tank. I believe that saving every drop of water now is saving for our future consumption.” Water conservation is also diligently practiced at home - his average household water consumption is 131.1 litres per person per day, compared to the national average of 150.4 litres.

“Water will always be a precious resource for Singapore. Every one of us has to try to use less of it. Only then can the water that we have go a longer way. Water use sustainability is therefore a co-created outcome. Our winners, whether organisation or individual, are leaders in this, and we are both encouraged and inspired by their sterling effort.” said Ng Joo Hee, PUB’s Chief Executive.

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