Senior government officials, green investors and leading eco companies to attend ECO INDUSTRY and LOHAS FORUM 2011 in Shanghai

Many of China’s senior government officials from the environmental, water and agriculture sector will attend the ECO INDUSTRY AND LOHAS FORUM 2011, in Shanghai. They will be joined by green investors, industry experts and top executives from China’s growing eco industry.

To be held from 15 to 16 September 2011, the two-day forum will serve as a platform for networking and learning the latest developments in the eco industry, in China as well as internationally. Participants will be presented with insights into the challenges facing the eco industry in China, as well as strategies to tap into green opportunities. Speakers from renowned companies will share their green marketing strategies, case studies and ways to grow green brands and develop eco businesses.

The two-day forum is held in conjunction with ECO LIFESTYLES 2011, the largest and most comprehensive eco exhibition in China. To be held at the Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion from 15 to 17 September 2011, the event aims to bring together eco-friendly companies and green brands. It also aims to grow China’s LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market, by educating the consumer on the benefits of eco-friendly and green products, as well as encouraging green and eco-friendly lifestyles.

Some of the topics at the eco industry forum will include:

  • Opportunities to developing China’s eco industry
  • How green policies from governments can benefit your business?
  • How to use innovation and creative designs in your green marketing strategies?
  • Finding the right business partners in China

Confirmed speakers include China’s State Council Economics Advisor, senior officials from the China ASEAN Trade Council, the United Nations Development Programme, as well as from the UK Government and France Government, and many of China’s leading eco companies.

Professionals in the green industry, and eco companies that have plans to strengthen their presence in China, have already signed up for the two-day forum. Registration fee starts as low as US$480 for a single day session.

The eco-lifestyles industry in China, estimated by some reports at about US$100 billion, is forecasted to grow at 10% per year. Hence, this will be an opportune time for companies to establish a foothold in the growing eco industry.

The forum is held in conjunction with ECO LIFESTYLES 2011 exhibition, which will showcase Eco products, ranging from Food and Design, to Green Transportation. It will be a full three day event, inspiring healthy ecological lifestyles for China.

The Green Transportation Hub will be organized to showcase green technologies in the automotive industry as well as eco-friendly transport options for the residents in China. Volkswagen, one of the global leaders in the automotive industry, has already confirmed their participation in the Green Transportation Hub

Click on to see more details of the event.

ECO LIFESTYLES 2011 is supported by the Shanghai municipal government and organized by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Municipal Agricultural Commission and China Trade Promotion Committee.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Patrick Wong

Shanghai Ecowing Business Consulting Co, Ltd.

Tel: +86 21 6605 1988


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