Ronser proposes collaboration with Cameron Highlands DID

Ronser Bio-Tech Bhd, a BioNexus status company specialising in wastewater treatment, has proposed a joint collaboration with Cameron Highlands’ Irrigation and Drainage Department (DID) to restore the polluted waterways in the highlands.

“We see it as our duty to reduce the environmental impact and to improve the quality of river flow there,” its Chief Executive Officer Dr Pua Eng Teck told Bernama after presenting the conceptual proposal to the department Monday.

The company is an integrated wastewater treatment solutions specialist offering a multi-disciplinary environmental services in wastewater treatment.

Teck said that this was the first step in restoring and returning the green eco-natural water quality in Cameron Highlands with the increasing number of agricultural activities in the area.

“We will construct an integrated treatment system developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) called SJTU System consisting of the Magnetic Powder System, Mass Biosystem, Aerobic Biofilm and Ecodam System.

“After visiting Cameron Highlands, we have identified physical, biological and chemical pollutants in possible treatment areas which are the Bertam, Khazanah, Habu and Ringlet rivers,” he said.

He further added that this project could act to preserve the natural highlands, as well as, a unique conservation model in restoring and preserving the quality of water for the nation.

“With the introduction of Ronser technologies, Cameron Highlands will set the standard of a Green Eco river water conservation model in this highlands in promoting eco-tourism and return river quality back to nature,” he added.

Teck also said Ronser was scheduled for a second visit in the middle of this month to identify specifically where the treatment systems would be placed.

Meanwhile, the company provides comprehensive wastewater treatment services ranging from technological advisory, engineering design to construction-installation, operation and maintenance with high performance in wastewater treatment facility.

Among the products and services available include Palm oil Mill Effluents Zero Discharge system, SJTU system, cleaning of rivers and lakes and, aquaculture and agriculture.

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