Recognition and reward through the Smarter Business platform

The International Green Awards™, a leading programme for sustainability intelligence, leadership and innovation is calling for entries through its new ‘Smarter Business’ platform.

The International Green Awards™ seeks to find true influencers, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, identifying worldwide sustainability success stories that inspire and motivate others. Environmental and social challenges increasingly pose a multitude of risks to all organisations, so it is important for organisations to acknowledge these risks and respond accordingly. This has necessitated the need for holistic sustainability strategies.

Sustainability is not just about saving resources but is also a mechanism for using available resources in a smarter way – one that will guarantee future supply and viability. The time is now for organisations to evaluate and understand their two-way interaction with the environment and to build resilient businesses. At the same time, each organisation can reduce expenses and increase revenues by being sustainable. Some people call this ‘future proofing’ – we call this smarter business.

Consequently, this year’s awards are based on the new Smarter Business platform, developed to evaluate an organisation’s approach to environmental and social issues and showcase the interdependence between environmental factors and business performance. By objectively assessing an organisation’s sustainability strategy using eight key indicators – energy, water, waste, resources, carbon, supply chain, transport, and social impact, the Smarter Business platform provides a standard scale of reference to benchmark sustainability performance.

In addition to aiding the awards team in evaluating the most sustainable organisations, this platform will also enable the International Green Awards™ to provide all entrants with comprehensive feedback on their entry after they have completed a detailed online questionnaire, which forms part of the entry process. Also, each entrant will receive a customised and confidential report to indicate their performance across three different bases – the entire entrant base, industry specific and category entered. Along with overall performance, the report will also include performance-related information across the eight sustainability indicators and insights across pertinent sectors and geographies. Our objective is to be an agent of change and to enable organisations to achieve sustainability goals and incorporate long term proactive strategies.

This year’s awards are free to enter, and the Smarter Business platform can be found at Register today and follow the steps to complete your online entry form and be recognised as a sustainability champion globally!

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