Ramsay Health adopts sustainability solution

Reputation, risk and compliance reporting were key drivers for Ramsay Health to adopt technology giving the company real time visibility of its energy and environmental footprint.

The ASX-listed healthcare provider caters to broad health care needs, including complex surgery, psychiatric care and rehabilitation. The company operates 9,000 beds, employs 30,000 staff on three continents, admitting more than one million patients yearly.

That’s a lot of moving parts and like an increasing number of companies, Ramsay is conscious of its duty to protect the environment as part of its corporate responsibilities.

Moreover, like more than 200 Australian corporations, Ramsay is obliged to report its annual energy use and efficiency programs to government under federal Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) legislation. Participation in EEO is mandatory for corporations consuming more than 0.5 petajoules (PJ) of energy per year – equivalent to the energy used by 10,000 households.

In 2010 Ramsay adopted CarbonSystems’ carbon and energy management platform to track and report its environmental performance not only to government, but also to shareholders and customers.

“We moved to a software solution because tracking and reporting to stakeholders with accuracy was becoming an expensive and onerous task,” says the company’s national environment manager, Geoff Adams. “Compliance reporting to government about energy and GHG emissions was another signal that we needed a solution that was accurate and verifiable from an audit perspective.”

“Increasing regulation and scrutiny by government, customers and investors is driving companies to adopt technology that helps them report accurate and verifiable information about their sustainability performance,” says CarbonSystems’ CEO, David Solsky.

“Our technology addresses these pain points for companies by reducing the time and cost of managing environmental data while delivering financial grade compliance and business reports.

“It is assisting Ramsay to manage its transition to the low carbon economy by providing a performance management framework to track and assess its energy and water abatement programs, and to assess the return on investment of these initiatives.”

Ramsay’s environmental performance reports are scrutinised by the Board’s Operational Risk Committee. “Senior management and the Board wholly support these programs because they understand that reducing unnecessary waste and minimising the use of scarce resources is consistent with financial sustainability, risks management, cost containment and meeting the expectations of our customers and shareholders,” says Adams.

CarbonSystems is a global provider of sustainability software. Our technology helps companies manage their carbon, energy, environmental and social responsibility performance and operate more efficiently by driving cost savings in their use of energy, fuel, gas, water, waste, and other environmental metrics.

Companies with over 20,000 combined locations around the world are using our Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) to streamline and automate the capture, management and reporting of their sustainability metrics.

Contact: Dan Gaffney, CarbonSystems - 61.411.156.015

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