Pilus Energy forms strategic alliance with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

Pilus Energy, a leading developer of clean technologies and biogas solutions announced its strategic relationship with Singapore-based Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, Pte. Ltd.

The partnership aims to combine Horizon’s hydrogen fuel cells to Pilus Energy’s renewable hydrogen production platform with the goal of providing a unique turnkey, end-to-end solution to generate clean power at a low cost. Distributed or localized production of hydrogen can decrease the reliance on external hydrogen supplies and opens the opportunity for self-sustainable power systems in remote off-grid locations.

Distributed bio-hydrogen production using waste or waste-water as feedstock also offers the promise of a carbon-free solution for both urban environments and remote off-grid locations.

“Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is a globally-recognized leader in the development and commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell power solutions,” said Jason E. Barkeloo, Pilus Energy’s Founder and President.

“Hydrogen fuel cells are gaining traction in various parts of the world and in multiple market applications. We believe now is the time to begin coupling Horizon’s fuel cells to our ability to produce distributed hydrogen by extracting the hydrogen value from wastes.”

“Our goal is to offer complete fuel cell power solutions to our clients, which also means creating hydrogen fuel supply solutions,” stated Taras Wankewycz, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies. “The bio-reactors developed by Pilus Energy offer a dual purpose: they can produce renewable hydrogen locally at a low cost – while effectively treating waste. We are eager to begin test-bedding of the combined systems to demonstrate a new generation of zero carbon fuel cell energy solutions in portable, stationary and small vehicle power applications.”

Mr. Barkeloo finished by adding, “After an extensive analysis of the hydrogen fuel cell landscape we believe Horizon’s hydrogen-to-power solutions are highly complementary and provide the nearest-term commercialization opportunities in the sector.”

About Pilus Energy

A developer of alternative cleantech energy solutions Pilus Energy is leading bacterial metabolism solutions that consume waste molecules and produce electricity and economically important biogases. Pilus Energy intends to sell low-cost, scalable electrogenic bioreactor (EBR) platforms. The Company will provide consumables and accessories to the EBR platform. For more information, please visit Pilus Energy’s web site.

Contact: Jason E. Barkeloo, President, +1.513.225.8765 or Contact Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies www.horizonfuelcell.com

Horizon pioneered the sales of next-generation fuel cell power products in small consumer products, while continuously developing larger-scale clean power solutions for applications in portable power, light-duty transportation, remote stationary power, and aerospace. With comprehensive technological developments focused on enabling fuel cell commercialization, Horizon is currently the world’s largest volume manufacturer of micro-fuel cell products and the first company to bring advanced fuel cell technology out of the laboratories and into the mass market.

Contact: Taras Wankewycz, Chief Marketing Officer, taras@horizonfuelcell.com

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