Petar Johnson launches Global Environmental Assurance

Global Environmental Assurance to provide corporate sustainability auditing and advisory services internationally.
31st March 2011 – Petar Johnson, Managing Director, has announced the launch of Global Environmental Assurance LLC. Global Environmental Assurance will provide sustainability solutions to the corporate sector.

“The quality of environmental and sustainability solution to corporates globally is at the forefront of our new endeavour. With over 10 years of experience servicing hundreds of companies around the world, we have found that the value proposition of going green is undervalued and under serviced. Under Global Environmental Assurance we have brought together the world’s leading environmental and sustainability services, and the world’s leading technical and advisory resources to make a unique, high calibre offering for corporates and institutions serious about outperforming in this field. We are indeed serious about the sustainability challenge of the 21st Century.” – Petar Johnson

Global Environmental Assurance provides an all-encompassing environmental service for some of the world’s leading companies. Overcoming limitations normally associated with an international endeavour, the company operates through a global network of offices. Without having to rely solely on an in-house team, organisations aren’t left to pay the bill for travel, accommodation, and company overheads. Auditors and advisors are located across the globe, and are matched with clients based on their expertise, experience, and location. The result is a world-class service at a reduced cost. Clients don’t need to fly their contractors half way across the world – they’re already next door while also accessing a global network of specialists and tools to gain exceptional outcomes.

To date, the majority of corporate sustainability assistance for business has fallen on the amateurs and less-resourced environmental departments of engineering, accounting and legal firms typically delivering compliance or minimal outcome results to the uninformed purchaser. In recognition of the market’s need for more specific, focussed solutions, Global Environmental Assurance has been formed specifically to fill this gap. Rather than sell organisations an off-the-shelf service design, Global Environmental Assurance takes its unique approach to arrange the service for the organisation delivering the greatest value.

Services include sustainability reporting, ecolabelling, management system development, legal compliance of environmental promotional material, sustainability mentoring, green building council assistance and verification of environmental claims. However, solutions will vary for each organisation. For more information visit, or email

Petar Johnson
Managing Director
Global Environmental Assurance
612 6281 5282

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