PanaHome Malaysia Launches New Home-Building Concept and Technology


PanaHome Malaysia Launches New Home-Building Concept and Technology

First-of-its-kind PanaHome ‘eco ideas’ House in Malaysia showcases New Building Technologies with Elements of Eco and Smart for South-East Asian homes

Kuala Lumpur, 12 March 2013 –PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PanaHome) announced the opening of the first-of-its-kind PanaHome ‘eco ideas’ House in Malaysia, located at Jalan Ara, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

This state-of-the-art bungalow with revolutionary architectural and construction approach showcases the elements of Eco and Smart for South-East Asian homes, reflecting its commitment to environmental sustainability. A pilot initiative in the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, the PanaHome ‘eco ideas’ House is built on a land size of approximately 11,000 square feet and has a built-up area of 4,169 square feet. Construction of the house was swiftly completed within 6 months, through PanaHome building methodologies and design approaches. This brand new home-building concept from Japan is bound to attract a lot of interest from new home buyers/builders, developers, interior designers, architects and industry media.

“The newly launched PanaHome ‘eco ideas’ House brings together the strength of the Panasonic Group, in the aspect of building solutions. It demonstrates conceptually and physically sustainable living, as well as the company’s latest green technologies to the Malaysian community and industries,” said Yasuteru Fujii, President, Chief Executive Officer, PanaHome Corporation Japan.

The PanaHome ‘eco ideas’ House is designed to be energy efficient and environmentally-friendly. Construction methods utilizing pre-fabrication technology (steel frame structure) ensure high and consistent quality building structure, while accomplishing shorter construction time relative to conventional methods. In fact, using the steel frame structural approach, PanaHome’s proprietary PowerTech technology option commonly incorporated in Japan, could withstand earthquakes to a great degree of magnitudes.

PanaHome ‘eco ideas’ House has heat insulation technology incorporated that minimizes heat transmission from external space unlike the issue faced in conventional concrete buildings. The unique PanaHome’s PureTech structured embedded ventilation system, which supplies effective flow and circulation of natural cool air, are also incorporated into the house to keep the living space naturally cool and clean for the inhabitants without the need for excessive air-conditioning, hence reducing energy consumption.

PanaHome KiraTech tiles cladded on the building exterior with self-cleaning capabilities are introduced to keep the external walls to last longer and consistently clean. This translates to long term savings in terms of maintenance cost.  The KiraTech tiles are able to break down surrounding toxic air pollutants as well, thus contributing to a cleaner environment in the form of air cleansing. PanaHome applies high-grade waterproofing methods in overcoming common water leakage problems faced by conventional houses in tropical countries, where heavy rainfall frequents.

“PanaHome aims to make a difference and brand new option of people’s lifestyles in Malaysia and eventually the rest of South-East Asia. Moreover, we plan to become Malaysia’s No. 1 Green Innovation Company in the housing industry,” commented Yasuteru Fujii.

On the scope of energy solutions and fitted electronics equipments, Panasonic shall be incorporating with PanaHome to harness solar solutions on the roof top, where clean energy can be generated. The interior of the PanaHome ‘eco ideas’ House is fitted with various innovative solutions by Panasonic such as energy efficient air conditioners, home appliances, smart audio visual systems, communication systems, security solutions and space-saving features such as rotating gadgetry and kitchen pull-down systems, all uniquely developed by Panasonic.

Jeff Lee, Managing Director, Panasonic Malaysia, explained, “We are indeed excited about the new building technology introduced in Malaysia. This PanaHome ‘eco ideas’ House is indeed another milestone to express our capabilities in the construction and housing development industry. We are truly building an ECONATION here in the country.”

The PanaHome ‘eco ideas’ show house is open for viewing by appointment only. Enquiries can be directed to

An exciting and eye-opening experience awaits you.

About Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Panasonic Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a sales, service and marketing company for the Panasonic brand of electrical and electronic products ranging from audio visuals, home appliances, air conditioners, digital and video cameras, professional broadcasting equipment, business systems, telecommunications, health and beauty care to batteries and lightings.  All Panasonic products are available through our authorized dealers nationwide. For more information on Panasonic brand and products, visit our website at or call our Customer Care Centre at 03-5543 7600.

About PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd

PanaHome Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the housing company under PanaHome Corporation - Japan, a subsidiary under the Panasonic Group, providing comprehensive home-building solutions and total township development implementations involving designing, planning, constructing, engineering, interior fittings, installations, landscaping, infrastructure and maintenance. For more information, visit our website or direct your enquiries to

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