Nurturing Co launches plastic-free packaging brand Bambooloo in Singapore

Nurturing Co launches plastic-free packaging brand Bambooloo in Singapore

Over the last month, a new zero-waste plastic packaging-free sustainable brand has been finding its way into people’s shopping baskets.

Singapore’s first 100 per cent sustainable, 100 per cent plastic packaging-free brand Bambooloo® is shaking up the consumer landscape in answer to the call out by consumers across the world for a plastic-free solution in their every day purchases.

Founded by David Ward, who also created the brand Nootrees ® The Nurturing Co. is looking to help make an impact by ditching the plastics, whenever and wherever possible starting with the introduction of its plastics-free brand Bambooloo®.

Bambooloo®, the luxury toilet paper made from 100% sustainable bamboo.

“We have a great brand (Bambooloo®) that was actually founded in the United States and then we developed it further into what will become a range of daily essential products, all sustainable and with NO plastics,” shared Ward.

“We started with not only what do consumers want, but also what they don’t want as key barometers in how the brand should evolve and the product selections outlined for the future” Ward added.

Having launched online to great reception on Redmart, Honest Bee and Lazada, the brand is about to enter Cold Storage and will be the very first no plastic packaging brand the retailer has decided to stock.

“They have been really great in getting behind a no plastic packaging brand,” Ward said of Cold Storage.

Bambooloo® already has international expansion underway as the brand has signed a five year licensing deal with a partner in New Zealand that will see the brand becoming available there from early summer 2019.

“We are excited about the opportunities our approach to market expansion can offer us,” said Ward in laying out the global brand plan for Bambooloo®.

“Our program is here as the race is on to reduce plastics in our day to day lives the world over. People need plastics free choices and then need them asap.

The fastest way to achieve this is through brand licensing”

“In reply to this global need we have created a turnkey program for partners to plug into with the express mission of making affordable plastics free sustainable choices available everywhere as soon as possible,” he said.

The program allows for the tailoring of product specification to suit exact market needs and avoids the pitfalls of trying to offer markets products designed for another consumer market as often can happen.

“We can bring our expertise and knowledge to bear for our partners allowing them to focus on the development of the market, whilst we oversee the manufacturing and product development needs specific to their market requirements. But always without the plastics and always 100 per cent sustainable”.

“The great part about this for me is to be working with so many great people here and overseas all focused on finding solutions to this problem,” said Ward.

The Nurturing Co currently offers only toilet paper but has plans to introduce a wider range of products over the next six months as part of its first phase of development.

Bambooloo® seems to have found a vein, and reaction to the brand in Singapore has been very positive. It continues to sell in the United States and is soon to launch in New Zealand all of which indicates the movement towards plastic free choices is underway.

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