NKSJ Holdings selected for Dow Jones Sustainability Index

NKSJ Holdings, Inc. (hereafter “NKSJHD”) would like to announce that it has been selected for inclusion in the DJSI World index of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (hereafter “DJSI”), the world’s first and most widely used family of global sustainability benchmarks, on September 13, 2012.

NKSJHD has now been selected  as  a member of the indexes for  3 consecutive years since the company was founded and 13 consecutive years since the subsidiary company Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. has been included.

1. About the DJSI

The DJSI is a stock index developed in 1999 jointly by Swiss asset management advisor Sustainable Asset Management AG (hereafter “SAM”) and Dow Jones & Company of the United States. SAM assesses corporate sustainability according to three dimensions, the economic, environmental and social criteria with a strong focus on long-term shareholder value, and selects companies undertaking progressive and forward-looking initiatives for inclusion in the DJSI (World/Europe/North America/Asia Pacific/Korea).

Fifty-five asset  organizations have concluded license contracts with SAM to use the DJSI as a benchmark for measuring the extent of sustainability initiatives carried out by companies. The total assets managed amount to US$6 billion. The DJSI is adopted for financial products in 15 countries worldwide.

2. Assessment 2012 Results

(1) General Overview

SAM sent surveys to the 2,500 largest companies listed in the Dow Jones Global Index (DJGI: index used by institutional investors to evaluate the asset management results of international investments) developed by Dow Jones & Company, and for inclusion in the DJSI World, selected 340 companies (14 companies from the insurance sector) that carry out outstanding sustainability performances. Twenty Japanese companies, including NKSJHD, were selected for inclusion (2 companies from the insurance sector).

(2) Assessment of NKSJHD

NKSJHD has scored full marks in the “stakeholder engagement” and “environmental management system” criteria. This reflects that Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and Nippon Koa Insurance Co., Ltd., both subsidiary companies of NKSJHD, have been highly recognized for  their efforts to have  continuous  exchanges of views with stakeholders and to build management framework for reducing environmental impacts.

About Sompo Japan

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. is a leading provider of Property & Casualty insurance in Japan. Together with Nipponkoa Insurance CO., Ltd., it established NKSJ Holdings, Inc. a joint holding company as comprehensive service provider group for risk and asset management in 2010 and is now preparing for a merger as “Sompo Japan Nipponkoa” by 2014.

As a long-time leader in CSR, Sompo Japan strongly commits to build sustainable society focusing on its own CSR material issues such as climate change and sustainable finance. The company is regularly recognized for our efforts to sustainability. Recent awards are “World’s Most Ethical Companies” in 2012, “SAM Silver Class” in 2011, and “Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World” in 2009 and 2010.

CSR Office

Corporate Communications Department
Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
Tel : +81-3-3349-9597
Fax : +81-3-3349-3304
E-mail : ECo@sompo-japan.co.jp

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