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A wildlife forensics laboratory launched in Singapore last year is making breakthroughs in tracking down criminal syndicates trafficking in wildlife.
Widespread flooding across Malaysia starting late last year shocked urban residents, with green groups urging a new approach as climate change impacts become more severe.
Henan China flood
EB Studio As intense floods and storms get more frequent in the region, there are growing fears that companies aren't even aware of the risks they face, let alone being prepared for them.
Flooding in Miesenheim, Germany
Floods, typhoons, wildfires and earthquakes claimed 9,200 lives in 2021, sounding the alarm bells of a deteriorating climate. Asia Pacific lags the world in disaster insurance, according to a study by Munich Re.
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Italy exhibition center
Covid-19 is forcing cities around the world to face the reality that they're ill-prepared for emergencies. It’s time to reinvent the modern urban center with an eye toward fully equipped health systems and state-of-the-art digital infrastructure that incorporates unanticipated risks.
green banks
The European Commission's so-called “taxonomy” for classifying green investments should address three important questions. Unfortunately, the Commission's one-dimensional approach disregards two of the three, with potentially damaging consequences.
shenzhen china
China’s CSR landscape has changed almost as much as its urban skylines over the last decade, but the next ten years should bring even faster progress. China’s people and their leaders are no longer willing to allow companies to ignore their operations' impact on human and environmental welfare.
wind turbines purple sky
Changing the energy-financing models of banks, or developing sustainability-linked loans and green bonds, will simply not be enough to facilitate the transition to a more sustainable economy. A new approach that is effective and scalable must take investors’ expectations fully into account.
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Gamal Albinsaid
24-year-old Indonesian doctor Gamal Albinsaid's Garbage Clinical Insurance is helping Indonesians get their medical health cover through selling household waste. Watch his story here.
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