New invention on ocean power energy converter

Ocean Power

Converting Kinetic Energy of Fluid Currents into Electricity

The World is facing the continuous challenge of supplying enough energy to fuel economic growth. With global demand for electricity ever increasing and higher awareness of climate change, development of renewable energy sources is receiving a lot of effort. IP Management Pte Ltd has invented a revolutionary fluid current converter device to tap inexhaustible kinetic energy of ocean, river and wind currents.

Kinetic energy of Ocean waves and wind are two of such renewable energy sources. With 70% of the Earth being covered with water, it has been estimated that Ocean current can meet 3000 times the current power needs of the entire World’s population; waves energy alone can potentially produce one third of the World’s electricity supply.

Fundamental Mechanical Devices

The two fundamental mechanical devices are the moveable device – Double acting rack and the fixed device – Rake wheel-generator assembly. The moving devices are in the forms of vertical racks, curved racks, horizontal racks, planar circular racks and ring racks; the fixed devices are rake wheel-generator assemblies.

Fundamental Mechanical Action

The moving and fixed devices are operable to convert kinetic energy of both ocean/sea and wind currents into electricity. Each device is made up of a pair of movable parallel racks that are mounted in vertical, curved, horizontal, planar circular and ring formation. Engaged with each set of the parallel racks are one or more wheel-generator sets as fixed assembly.

For example with the double vertical racks, as the two racks are moved in an up stroke by rising waves, the rake teeth on the left hand rack turn the wheel in a clockwise direction while the rake teeth on the right hand rack are designed to slip on the pins of the drive wheel.

When the double racks move downward in a return stroke, the rake teeth on the right hand rack engage with the drive wheel and turn the drive wheel continuously in the clockwise direction while the rake teeth on the left hand rack slip on the pins of the drive wheel.

This device is double acting; translation of the racks in both directions causes the rake teeth to turn the drive wheel continuously in one direction to operate a generator to produce electricity.

Renewable Energy Converter Configuration

Based on the fundamental working principle and variations of the above fixed and moving devices, many designs of energy converter can be configured:

· Vertical rack Ocean Wave / Wind converter
· Curved rack Ocean Wave / Wind converter
· Horizontal rack Ocean Current / Wind converter
· Planar circular rack Ocean Current / Wind converter
· Ring rack Flowing Current / Wind converter

Singapore Inventor

Lam Teng Choy (Henry)


International Patent PCT/SG 2010/000281

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