MOVE Systems and ALLCOT developing carbon credit generation project

MOVE Systems International, LLC, a company which delivers safe and clean energy solutions to the mobile food industry, has begun a joint venture with ALLCOT Group to develop the first ever carbon credit generation project based in New York City.

The main objective is to replace traditional food carts powered by noisy, pollution spewing gasoline generators with MOVE’s new state of the art food carts powered by an eco-friendly combination of batteries, solar panels and CNG/propane. This switch will generate carbon credits and demonstrates specific actions being taken to fight climate change.

New York City has nearly 8,000 food carts and trucks operating on its streets resulting in an estimated 1.2 million mobile food transactions daily.

Traditional food carts are usually equipped with both gas generators for power and portable propane tanks for cooking appliances.

The presence of both fuel sources on board this confined space is a potentially dangerous scenario. The City has already experienced food truck and cart fires, including an incident in 2011 that caused a temporary shutdown of the West Side Highway.

MOVE’s new food carts, called the MRV100, also include a restaurant-grade kitchen with refrigeration, sinks and water storage reservoirs. These features help address sanitation obstacles often encountered in mobile food vending.

According to Alexis L. Leroy, CEO of ALLCOT, the idea is to register the project within the first quarter of 2017 so when the new food carts are deployed generation will automatically start.

“Allcot is delighted to be partnering with MOVE Systems on their sustainability journey. Developing business in US market is a clear strategic objective of ours, so this collaboration is very exciting for us to be involved with”, explains Leroy.

Kevin Kane, Project Manager, MOVE Systems, says: “We are excited to partner with Allcot on this project and add another dimension to our environmentally friendly solutions for modern urban spaces”.


ALLCOT is a company specialized in end to end sustainability solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. In addition to helping companies engage with their stakeholders and consumers through positive sustainability actions, we develop environmental projects in-house and continue to be one of the leaders in the professional environmental services sector.

We offer a number of services related to climate change. These include carbon footprint measurement, emissions reduction and offsetting; also, trading in climate change, energy derivatives and the compliance and voluntary carbon markets.

About MOVE Systems International, LLC

MOVE Systems, founded in New York City, builds and deploys environmental solutions for the urban streetscape. MOVE is bringing the mobile food industry into the 21st century by developing safe, environmentally sound, and attractive vending vehicles. Through its unique hybrid and renewable energy system, MOVE is eliminating polluting generators from our city streets and providing the most advanced technology to the next generation of food carts and trucks.

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