MKI gathering, grand launching of 78th National Electricity Day - Enlit Asia 2023 kicks off

MKI gathering, grand launching of 78th National Electricity Day - Enlit Asia 2023 kicks off

MKI Gathering and ‘Grand Launching of the 78th National Electricity Day – Enlit Asia 2023’ kicked off today, marking its official opening. MKI Gathering is an annual event held by MKI to increase synergy with its members.

In the event with the theme “Readiness of the Indonesian Electricity Sector in Achieving the NDC 2030 Target Through the Development of Renewable Energy, MKI also inaugurated the 78th National Electricity Day as well as announced the collaborated program with Enlit Asia 2023 event which will be held on 14-16 November 2023.

With the theme of “Indonesian Electricity Sector Readiness in Achieving 2030 NDC Targets through Renewable Energy Development,” the event’s inauguration was led by Jisman P. Hutajulu, Electricity General Director at the Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

Notable figures such as Indonesian Electrical Power Society (Masyarakat Kelistrikan Indonesia/MKI) General Chairperson Evy Haryadi, the 78th National Electricity Day (Hari Listrik Nasional ke-78) General Chairperson Arsyadany G Akmalaputri, and representatives from sponsor organisations, were also attending the event.

MKI Gathering and Grand Launching of the 78th National Electricity Day – Enlit Asia 2023 discussed commercial and strategic aspects that could accelerate the transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable electric power system.

The discussion was centred on the evolution of traditional power systems, the integration of advanced clean technologies, and the framework and financing necessary to support this transition.

In the event, it was announced that Indonesia had submitted an updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) proposal to the United Nations as the country sought to reduce carbon emissions by 32 per cent (912 million tons of CO2 equivalent) by 2030, an increase from the previous target of 29 per cent. Additionally, stakeholders would explore collaborative efforts to achieve their zero-emission targets by 2060.

A panel discussion titled “Acceleration of EBT-Based Electricity Development” was also held during the event, covering topics such as:

  • Renewable Energy Implementation Plan in the 2023-2032 Electricity Procurement Plan (RUPTL 2023-2032) by PT PLN Persero Rensis EVP Warsiono
  • Renewable Energy Procurement Plan for 2023-2034 and the Partnership Plan by PT PLN Persero Renewable Energy and Independent Power Producer EVP Alland Asqolani
  • Challenges, Lessons Learned, and Success Factors in Renewable Energy Development by PT PLN Nusantara Power Technology Development VP Ardi Nugroho.

Jisman P. Hutajulu, Electricity General Director at the Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry said that, “The challenges in the electricity sector are enormous. As we all know, Indonesia still uses 67 per cent of its power generation needs from coal to meet around 83 Giga Watts nationally. The Indonesian government is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector by 358 million tonnes of C02 by 2030.

The government has issued Law No. 16 of the year concerning the Paris Agreement on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. In addition, the agenda for the sustainable clean energy transition towards net zero emission is also one of the agendas for Indonesia’s G20 presidency in 2022. Then, the success of Indonesia’s presidency will continue through the 2023 Asean Chair where one of the pillars is the energy sector. Therefore, through this event, we hope that MKI can provide information and recommendations as input for making policies in the electricity sector.”

Indonesian Electrical Power Society General Chairperson Evy Haryadi said, “This forum is an ongoing effort from MKI to support the government to achieve net zero emissions by 2030. Collaboration and cooperation with many parties are needed to help reduce emissions, especially in the electricity sector. Therefore, in the context of the 23 National Electricity Day, we present the Enlit Asia 2023 event which will take place on 14-16 November 2023 with the theme “Strengthening Asean Readiness in Energy Transition”. We hope that the support from stakeholders present today can contribute to Indonesia’s achievement of net zero emissions in 2030.”

Energy Clarion Asia Events Portfolio Director Simon Hoare, said, “This collaborative event is a continuation of the successful partnership that brought POWERGEN Asia to Indonesia for the first time and launched the 73rd Indonesian National Electricity Day in 2018. Enlit 2023, scheduled for November 14th, 2023, will feature over 350 exhibitors from around the world showcasing the latest technologies and innovations supporting the energy transition across ASEAN. With more than 12,000 visitors expected from various regions of Indonesia and ASEAN, the event will offer over 75 hours of free content delivered by leading technology and solution providers, including case studies on cutting-edge technology by Independent Power Producer and electric utility providers. Over 150 industry-leading speakers will share their insights in the event. We welcome all stakeholders to attend the upcoming event to establish stronger collaborations in achieving zero-emission by 2060.”

About Enlit Asia

Enlit Asia is an annual conference and exhibition that brings together two prominent events in the power and energy sector: POWERGEN Asia and Asian Utility Week. It serves as a platform for leading industry providers to showcase innovative solutions, services, and products aligned with Asia’s strategy to transition to a low-carbon energy supply. Enlit Asia provides valuable insights and knowledge from power utilities and energy leaders in the region, focusing on the developments, policies, and innovations that are driving the energy transition.

The event encompasses the entire electricity value chain, including producers, suppliers, utilities, and consumers, covering a wide range of topics from generation to the grid. For more detailed information, please our official website at https://www.enlit-

About the Indonesian Electrical Power Society (MKI)

The Indonesian Electrical Power Society (MKI) was established in 1998 in accordance with the spirit of Law no. 15/1985 concerning Electricity, serving as a platform for communication, coordination, and consultation among energy stakeholders in Indonesia.

For more information, please visit the website

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