Maritime sector wins big in major environmental awards

Green shipping took centre stage at the 18th Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards (SEAA) ceremony with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) clinching both the coveted SEC-CDL Outstanding Singapore Environmental Achievement Award and the SEC-Lee Foundation Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Public Sector).

Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas Container Line took home the SEC-CITIC Telecom Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Regional), joined by four other category winners namely Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd, Marina Bay Sands, Nanyang Technological University,and SystemNixTechnologies Pte Ltd.

Reflecting on the role of the SEAA in shaping Singapore’s business and sustainability efforts since 1997, Mr Edwin Seah, Executive Director of the SEC said: “Environmental issues cover land, air and sea, and given Singapore’s key role as a maritime centre and the propensity of the maritime sector to help drive environmental sustainability, MPA’s role is pivotal and their win a testament to the leadership they have shown both within the organisation as well as the sector they regulate and promote. As SEC celebrates our 20th Anniversary in the same year as Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, we are heartened to see how the SEAA is extending beyond our shoreline literally, to the maritime sector which has played no small part in shaping Singapore the past 50 years.”

MPA launched the Maritime Singapore Green Initiative (MSGI) in 2011 with an investment of $100 million which comprises three programmes – Green Ship Programme, Green Port Programme and Green Technology Programme. The Green Ship Programme gives owners of Singapore-flagged ships, incentives to adopt energy efficient ship designs that reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The Green Port Programme gives up to 25% discount on port charges, for using fuels with low sulphur content. Maritime companies are further encouraged to develop and adopt green technologies under the Green Technology programme, which sees MPA co-funding up to half of the qualifying costs. Up to $25 million has been set aside for this programme.

Since its launch, MSGI has 90 participating organisations pledging their environmental commitment. 203 ships qualified for the Green Ship Programme, more than 3,000 vessel calls were made under the Green Port Programme, while the Green Technology Programme encompassed 17 companies and 57 ships.

“We are greatly encouraged to be recognised for our efforts at the SEAA awards. As one of the world’s busiest ports and largest transhipment hubs, Singapore can show how we can be both economically dynamic and sustainable as a global hub port. Winning the SEAA is a strong signal of MPA’s commitment to work with the maritime industry to promote a Clean and Green Singapore,” said Mr Andrew Tan, Chief Executive Officer of the MPA.

To commemorate SEC’s 20th anniversary, a special SEC Sustained Impact Award was presented to City Developments Limited for their sustained environmental stewardship since the 1990s.

The winners for the six award categories for SEAA 2015 are:

  • SEC-CDL Outstanding Singapore Environmental Achievement Award
  • SEC-Setsco Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Manufacturing)
  • SEC-Kimberly-Clark Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Services)
  • SEC-Lee Foundation Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Public Sector)
  • SEC-CITIC Telecom Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Regional)
  • SEC-Senoko Energy Green Innovation Award

To add significance to this year’s ceremony, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, together with Ms Isabella Loh, Chairman of SEC unveiled SEC’s very own orchid. Orchids have been named after many distinguished personalities and international organisations in the past, including the World Trade Organisation and the International Olympic Committee

Dendrobium Singapore Environment Council is a vigorous and robust antelope Dendrobium hybrid. It produces long, upright to arching inflorescences bearing approximately 25 blooms. Each bloom is about 4 centimetres across. The sepals are a light greenish yellow with white at basal half, while the pair of slightly twisted petals is greenish yellow to yellow. Each bloom is complemented by a yellow lip that is adorned with fine reddish brown tessellations.

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