Maritime clusters and sustainable development

Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) in Rotterdam to Focus on International Maritime Cluster Leadership and Collaboration in Corporate Ocean Responsibility

The role of Maritime Clusters in advancing sustainable development will be a special feature of the Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) - the annual gathering of the global ocean business community, taking place this year in Rotterdam, 30 Nov-2 Dec.

Maritime clusters can be engines for developing innovation, technology, solutions and business opportunities – all of which can (and increasingly are) helping tackle the sustainable development challenges and opportunities of the ocean business community.

At the SOS 2016, the focus on Maritime Clusters will include:

·A plenary presentation by Francis Vallat (CEO, European Network of Maritime Clusters) on “The Role and Value of Maritime Clusters for Sustainable Development”.

·A parallel session on Maritime Clusters, with a panel of Maritime Cluster leaders.

·A Maritime Cluster Roundtable/Forum to bring together Maritime Cluster leaders from around the world in their own gathering.

The SOS 2016 parallel session on Maritime Clusters will include a panel of Maritime Cluster leaders and discussion to address:

·What are the conditions and characteristics that lead to Maritime Cluster success?

·How can Maritime Clusters best contribute to sustainable development and the SDGs?

·What are the opportunities for collaboration among Maritime Clusters in support of sustainable development - at national, regional and global scales?

The Maritime Cluster Roundtable/Forum will to bring together Maritime Cluster leaders from around the world in an unprecedented international gathering of their own. The agenda will be developed based on inputs from Maritime Cluster leaders.

Maritime clusters include:

·Multi-sectoral organizations developed at various geographic scales (e.g. national, but possibly sea basin, regional…) meant to gather the professionals of the corresponding maritime communities, to stimulate cross-sectorial synergies and to represent them globally (e.g. in relations with authorities, other industries, etc.)

·Sector specific sea industry groups or similar organizations that have been established to foster collaboration and innovation around shared business challenges and opportunities.

Maritime cluster representatives interested in participating in the SOS 2016 are encouraged to contact the WOC at:

Please let us know if you would like to:

·Be considered for the parallel session panel on Maritime Clusters (speaking slots are very limited)

·Participate in the Maritime Cluster Roundtable/Forum (all Maritime Clusters are invited to attend)

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