Involving industry in sustaining Arctic observations

The World Ocean Council (WOC) is working to ensure that the Arctic Observing Summit engages and advances industry needs and opportunities on Arctic data collection and sharing.

The WOC CEO, Paul Holthus, and Michael Macrander, Shell, will address the Arctic Observing Summit’s plenary on private-public partnerships, data sharing, and industry data collection from vessels and platforms of opportunity in the Arctic.

WOC’s Holthus and David Arthurs, Managing Director, Polar View Earth Observation, are co-organizing the private sector theme sessions of the Arctic Observing Summit.

The 3 sessions will cover:

  • Industry Needs for Arctic Observations and Data (Panel/discussion)
  • Industry Experience in Data Collection and Sharing (Panel/discussion)
  • Fostering Data Collection and Sharing by Industry (Workshop)

Industry panellists will address the needs, opportunities, experience and value proposition for private sector involvement in data collection. The third session workshop will draw out ideas and actions to best develop and coordinate cooperation between industry and the research and observation community.

With decreasing sea ice and increased private sector activity in the Arctic, including oil and gas, shipping, fishing, tourism, and mining - along with associated port and coastal infrastructure development, there is a need for better Arctic information to support safe, responsible, and effective industry operations.

This information could be provided by an Arctic observing system involving the research community, governments, and industry. In particular, there is a need and opportunity for industry data collection and sharing, e.g. in relation to the World Ocean Council “Smart Ocean-Smart Industries” program.

For more information on the Arctic Observing Summit, see

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