Inno Quantum

Innovasians has joined forces with Korean technology to produce a range of products that contains quantum energy - Inno-Quantum. This technology is unique, sustainable, and 100% natural.

Innovasians is using this innovative textile fiber with this technology.  More people are looking at functional textiles to improve their health and well-being. Some of the catwalks and international designers are also looking at this trend. These textiles control body temperature, absorb moisture, help to protect the wearer against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), deodorizes, natural anti-bacterial,  resist UV-rays and are naturally flame retardant.

Environmental Benefits of Inno-Quantum R

Inno-Quantum is a functional fiber, with increased absorbency that dries quickly. The function remains intact even after 100 times laundering. Quantum improves the environmental footprint of textile processing as it has a improved dyestuff affinity (absorbs more colour) and retains colour longer (does not fade and last longer).

The impact on the environment will be vastly reduced. Some experts believe that quantum energy based manufacturing of textiles could lead to a large reduction of dyestuff and auxiliary chemical dumped in waste water.

The application of quantum energy is diverse and can be applied to the construction, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical, chemical, agriculture and textile industry with a range of vast improvement in human health.

Please contact us at for more information and see

We are looking for world - wide partners and distributors of this unique lifestyle range supporting health and well-being.

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