Industry input sought on deep-sea investment survey

The European Marine Board (EMB) is conducting a survey of deep-sea stakeholders to get their input on priorities for investment into deep-sea research and commercial activities.

Responses can be submitted until 19 March 2015 and the survey can be accessed here.

The EMB Expert Working Group on “Deep Sea Research for Societal Challenges and Policy Needs” brought together an interdisciplinary group of experts to prepare a Position Paper.

The paper outlines the gaps and priorities in deep-sea research needed to address actual scientific, socio-economic, and governance issues relating to the deep‐sea and recommend priorities for future, policy-relevant deep sea research.

The Position Paper includes a section on investment in deep-sea research and commercial activities across Europe. To gather information, EMB has launched a consultation survey aimed at deep-sea stakeholders, researchers, funding organizations and industry.

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